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Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Casting News! - GI Joe

Damnit, the more I see of the GI Joe movie the more I want to see it.

Have they cast Duke yet?

I don't think I know anything about Rachel Nichols's acting career, so I can't judge on that score, but when it comes to filling out the costume, she seems to be doing very well. I like that she looks appropriately ass-kicking there. :-)

And crossbows are always cool. :-)

I've seen some complaints about the GI Joe as an international/UN sort of thing, which apparently is what they're doing for the movie. Ultiamtely, I think that's probably a good thing. At least, I can't see how it'd change the general story that much, and it will probably sell better overseas than a story about the American military might, given the current political climate. It's probably a wise decision to go this route.

Anyway, I still don't know if I think the movie will be good, but it looks like it'll be entertaining, so I'm there!


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