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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nifty Newsarama Stuff

Apparently, we can read the original script for Spider-Man 2.

That's pretty nifty. I haven't read it myself, yet, but I am awfully curious. I'd be more interested in seeing the script for Spider-Man 3 though. As disappointing as the movie was overall, I thought there was some potential there. (It certainly wasn't as bad as X-Men 3. Ick.) Mostly, I thought, it would have been best to split it into two movies. A shame, because I thought the casting was phenomenal. Even if, for example, Topher Grace's Brock was nothing like the comics one, I was really intrigued by his take.

It'd be interesting to see what the script writers originally had in mind and if it's better or worse than what made it to the screen.

And this is just cute. I like when game shows offer prizes based on the players' actual interests, and well, it's a nifty prize!

Though JK Parkin's notion of a game show hosted by a genie did make me think about what kind of game shows would be available in the DCU/Marvel-verse...I bet they'd be a lot of fun! :-)


  • At April 12, 2008 10:23 AM, Blogger Jeff said…

    Here's the question- who in the DCU would make the best game show host?

    I could see Jay doing it quite well.

    Another possibility- Hal. I could see Hal doing Family Feud easily.

  • At April 12, 2008 7:23 PM, Blogger philippos42 said…

    Surely there are game show hosts in the DCU, one doesn't need to concript adventurers.

    That said, I vote for Rex Mason & Lia Briggs, circa the Baxter-paper Outsiders.

  • At April 14, 2008 2:22 PM, Blogger Ununnilium said…

    Honestly, I think that cutting everything Sandman-related out of Spider-Man 3 would've made a stronger movie. Then the end would've been Peter's good side vs. his manifested evil side, and Harry having to choose between them.

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