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Monday, April 07, 2008

Name Meme!

This is actually a livejournal meme, but it looked like fun and I do like rambling on about myself so I decided to appropriate it. :-)

1) My username is _______ because __________.

My username is kalinara because, well, I don't entirely remember. I think I was about fourteen at the time and trying to find a name to use for AIM. My initial choice was "Calimari" at the time because I enjoyed the thought of being named for squid, but it was taken. So I think I just scrambled in, replaced some letters, scrambled it more and ended up with something resembling a name and it was free so I took it. It's the sort of screenname that tends to be free everywhere, so I've used it ever since. For the record, it's officially uncapitalized but that's mostly because I'm too damn lazy to hit the shift key. So I don't mind either way, do what you like. :-)

I subsequently found out that it's the name of a village in India or Nepal. Which is kind of cool but completely unintentional. Any resemblance to a Hindu goddess's name is also unintentional, but I can't admit to being upset about the effect after the fact. :-)

2) My name is _______ because ___________.

My name is Melissa because my dad is a devious bastard. See, there's this thing, in my dad's immediate family in which some of his siblings for some bizarre reason decided to name their children after the same sex parent. My aunt Louise married a guy named George, had kids: Louise and George. My uncle Charlie has a son named Charles. It's very odd and no one's sure why they did that since it's not a cross generation tradition or anything.

Anyway, my father's something of a white sheep in my family and he ended up being the one who named me. For years I thought he just had better taste than his siblings and that's why I'm not named for my mother (whose name is Debra). Until I looked it up.

(For the record, I like the name Debra. It's naming your kids after their parents that I think is a little unimaginative. :-))

See, "Debra" is Hebrew meaning "bee". "Melissa" is Greek and it means..."bee". And I realized that my dad doesn't have better taste, he's just damn sneaky.

To this day, he won't say outright if he meant to do that or not, but he gives the most annoying smirk ever when I ask. Because he's a devious jerk of a man. Heh.

3. My journal is entitled ____________ because ______________.

I named my journal on a whim after I picked my template. I'd initially planned to do some sort of tasteful green affair, but then I saw this bright eyesore pink one and just HAD to pick it.

I'm not actually a big fan of pink (though I've nothing against it) but I simply couldn't resist a template so...obnoxious. I wanted a name equally as annoying.

Also, back when I was a huge manga/anime fan I'd always found the three-word/phrase series names to be rhythmically amusing. (i.e. Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Puni Puni Poemi, and so on.) So I toyed around until I had: Pretty, Fizzy Paradise. It just seemed to suit. :-)

4. My friends page is called _____________ because ___________.

Not a livejournal, so this one doesn't apply. :-) I call it a blogroll and I used to be so good at remembering to add people to it.

But it's probably been a good year since I've actually updated it. Honest, if you've linked me and I haven't linked you, it's not because I don't like you. It's just because I'm too lazy to touch the damn thing and the sheer number of people I ought to be adding makes me cringe a bit.

One of these days, I WILL get around to updating it, damnit.

5. My default pic is _________________ because _____________.

My default pic is from Green Lantern v3 151. (Seen clearer here.) Quick context: people are acting bizarre (I think it's the fault of Brainwave, Jade's ex) and this one old guy tries to mug someone. Kyle, having figured out that this is a mass case of people going batshit, subdues him via conjuring a giant teddy bear.

And then the guy bites it! And Kyle's all "Hey! Don't bite the bear!!!" And I giggle. Because honestly, if I were lifted in the air by something large and fluffy, I would bite the damn thing too!

Also, it's remarkably rare to find a user image that doesn't clash with the eyesore pink that is my blog. But the light lime green color's usually a safe bet. My original icon, a tiny green kooshball, was chosen for the same reason (also, I like tiny spiky things).

6. My LJ's subtitle is ___________ because ____________.

Well, this isn't an LJ, but you can see my subtitle as "Robotic Proto-Lawyer of DOOOOM."

I used to change it around a lot based on a whim or a turn of phrase that I found particularly entertaining at the time. I'll probably change it again when something new catches my eye, but right now this subtitle suits me. I AM possibly an evil robot. I'm a proto-lawyer in my first year of law school. And I will bring DOOOOOM. Eventually. :-)


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