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Sunday, June 05, 2011


So has anyone seen X-Men First Class yet? How is it? I was a bit leery because of the trailer, but apparently the critics like it. I'm also leery of an X-Men line-up without a Cyclops, but that's just me being a biased fangirl and isn't actually an obstacle to me watching the movie.

(Besides, I'm sure the fact that Xavier is actually sympathetic/likeable will be more of a mind-breaker for me.)

I've heard a few questionable things about half-naked women, but well, I'm a comic fan so that's not really a deal breaker. :-P

But movies are expensive, so I always like to get opinions from people whose taste I actually trust. So, did you guys like it?


  • At June 06, 2011 4:24 AM, Blogger Ami Angelwings said…

    I've seen it :) I actually like it, in terms of a movie, and it is more exciting and fun to me than the other movies.

    But I also have a lot of issues w/ it xD And Xavier is SO NOT LIKEABLE >:O He does something EGREGIOUS at the end that makes me want to hit him, and the way he treats Mystique... -_-

    But I associated with Mystique a LOT b/c a lot of what she dealt w/ felt very similar to me, and issues about passing, talking about how society should be the one to change their beauty standards... wondering if ppl like YOU at all, when as long as you are passing and beautiful they think your'e great, but once they know... you're a freak to them... :\

    And it bugs me that Magneto jumps to genocidal racial supremecist, esp since I DO agree w/ him, up until he decides to kill ppl, and I know that's how he is, but... the whole thing is a false choice... esp since Xavier is even MORE appeasement/conforming/rawr rawr than ever... esp since it hit so close to me, it feels like... wait... can I choose option C? The one where I am politically Magneto but we DON'T KILL PEOPLE!? I get Mystique joining him tho.. I wouldn't want to be around ppl who keep telling me how ugly I am either -_-;;; (Beast says something that makes me want to kick him int he face... but i also get he's dealing w/ his own s-)

    And Emma... yeah... the Bra -_-;; As you said before.. her costume is skimpy but it's a COSTUME, it's not "I forgot to finish dressing" and that's what she looks like :\

    Also she doesn't do a whole lot :| Neither do the other 2 side villains who end up being less interesting than Darth Maul -_-;; They don't talk... we kinda infer what their powers are.... a lot of the movie felt like you rly had to know X-Men cuz they neglect to tell you ppl's powers and stuff...

    Oh and the way they treated the only 2 PoCs in the movie pissed me off -_-;;

    Magneto is GREAT tho, and so is Xavier (except he's a GIANT ASSHOLE) and their interactions are wonderful and there's a LOT of rly cute (and slashy! :D ) moments :) And esp when they're recruiting, it's just SO delightful, I wished it would never end (and a fun cameo by Jackman.. I didn't think I would ever smile at a Wolverine cameo xD)

    A lot of the complaints out there about the way the female chars are treated are abs legit tho... (except I argue that Mystique is far more complex than some ppl are saying, it's NOT just about sex with her... she doesn't want sex to validate her, she just wants to know that it's possible for her to be liked and appreciated as her... esp after growing up w/ Xavier and what she saw of male/female interactions cuz of him... and well I dun want to do the essay here xD I have a post coming! )

    But neways.. I rly liked the movie, and it DID speak to me also, up until the end when that stupid strawperson thing comes in. (and I'm ALWAYS annoyed by the "oppressed become the oppressors" thing that mainstream society seems to need as a narrative -_- I just want to live my life, and be respected and have rights, I dun want to be superior or oppress nebody, I'm too busy being awesome! xD) and it was paced well, I thought, and I REALLY liked the main characters (at least the good guys) and Magneto and Xavier and Mystique rly steal the show for me :)

    I dunno your money situation is :\ But I think you should give it a shot :) I think you'll like it, or at least come away with thinky thoughts :)

  • At June 06, 2011 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I still can't go to the movies, but all reports coming in from my friends are that it's "entertaining" and "better than expected" and "not as good as the second, but far better than the third." Since I'm one of those Phoenix fangirls (more of a conceptual fangirl than the actual executions--heh, pun) who saw the second one in the theater multiple times with my best friend and we bought tissues each additional time, I was never going to think it was better than the second one anyway.

  • At June 06, 2011 8:21 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    Ami: Oh wow, you definitely make it sound like it's worth seeing. It sounds like they've done some really interesting things with Mystique.

    And oddly, I'm reassured that they kept Xavier awful.

    The option C thing is actually why I've really liked the current X-Men/Utopia storylines. I agree with a lot of people that Cyclops as leader is darker than he's been, but I like that he's managed to synthesize a lot of Magneto and even Xavier's ideals in a way that's not a) homicidal (though I suspect that may change) but still b) trying to deal with regular humans on mutants' own terms.

    bookslide: Heh, I had problems with the end of movie 2, (more just the usual logic stuff: why couldn't she lift the plane while in it?) but can't deny they hit the emotional arcs pretty good. I didn't mind Wolverine, surprisingly enough, but the Last Stand was incredibly disappointing.

  • At June 08, 2011 2:12 PM, Blogger notintheface said…

    Enjoyed it immensely overall. However...

    The thing that kept getting to me (in addition to some of the stuff Ami mentioned)? How all these crucial events in the X-mythos ALL HAPPENED IN ONLY ONE ADVENTURE.


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