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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Miscellaneous Thought

I was thinking the other day that a comic crossover with Stryfe, Lobo and Carnage would be really interesting.

I mean, there's something about getting together three so-very-irritating, product-of-their-times characters with varying levels of parody already ingrained and trying to get some kind of workable story about it.

(In full honesty, I actually kind of like Stryfe. He's very 90s, yes, but he fills an interesting role in the Summers family tree. And knows how to wreak an appropriate level of havoc. Too bad he inherited his uncle's propensity for misspelling his own damn name.)

Could shove other horrible, horrible characters in there too.

I'd guess it'd depend on who's writing, but it'd be interesting to see how annoying or hateful the characters are when surrounded by other, equally as annoying characters. It could be like Surreal Life, when you watch and you actually find yourself liking Dave Coullier, despite a lifelong loathing of Joey Gladstone and being mildly creeped out by the implications of that one Alanis Morissette song, simply because so many of the other people in the house are so appalling. I wonder if the same principle could apply.

(I have no explanation for why I was watching that awful show.)

And well, there's always the hope that it ends in a quantum singularity or giant explosion. Heh.


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