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Friday, August 28, 2009

A thought

After reading Dark Avengers, I had the thought that once SHIELD's back, and Nick Fury inevitably dies/fakes his death/goes underground again, they should totally replace him with Scott Summers.

He's clearly devious enough, and well, he's used to thankless leadership roles and having to step aside at a moments' notice when the prodigal father figure comes back from where-ever the hell he traipsed off to this time. (At least Nick's girlfriends don't keep losing their fucking Empires, LILANDRA.)

Of course, mutancy and nationality issues aside, he'd never get put in the position because the higher ups in the Marvel Universe can't ever pick a replacement for Nick who is simultaneously competent, reasonably moral (if comfortable with cloak and dagger stuff) and not going to take it too personally at the inevitable demotion. It'd be a waste of another opportunity for things to go to hell in a handbasket.

It's possible that I really just want to see what Cyclops would do with an army of LMDs and a helicarrier. Oh well.


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