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Friday, July 15, 2011

Meme: an epilogue

So apparently a set of questions slipped in without me noticing them. So I figured I might as well answer them. The main set of meme answers (and character list) is here.

D asks:

1 and 4: who would win in a strip pogo contest?

Guy, of course. Alan's too dignified to pull off the pogo, I suspect.

1,5,6,9, and 8 form Voltron. Who forms the head, the arms, and the legs?

Hmm. Guy, Lois, Aunt Harriet, Lion-O and Hank Pym.

Well, hmm. Hank Pym's probably smartest, but he's crazy, so let's go with Lois as the head. Aunt Harriet can take Allura's place because she's probably least qualified to actually pilot a lion. (So. Leg). Hank Pym'sd a tech guy like Pidge (and can be small), so he can be an arm, like Pidge. Lion-O, as a swordsman, can be the other arm. Guy, being a bruiser, can be the second leg.

would 4 ever choke on a black seed of vengence?

Alan Scott's too awesome to choke.

a well built go-go dancer is trying to run 7 over with a sports car. What does 7 do?

Hmm, well, the go-go dancer's going to find herself genetically altered. Just saying.


:-) And NOW, we're complete! Yay.


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