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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still not really a blog post. :-)

This post about the least desirable comic book characters is pretty good, though I disagree with some of the choices.

I for one would embrace Kara's giant rack, because she is that awesome. (Sadly, there would be other obstacles, as I'm pretty much 97% straight and she's 2-dimensional to boot.)

But it does remind me that the character I'd never date is Batman. I mean. I know, Batman is sexy. He is. He's built. He's handsome. He's rich. He's really smart. And well, any visitor to my blog or twitter can tell that crazy is not necessarily a turnoff.

But he's not really crazy in a fun way. He's awesome, sure, but it's the kind of awesome that's better admired from afar. Also, his Bruce Wayne disguise is so vapid that I think I'd cause myself brain damage if I had to spend any time with him.

(In contrast, Michael Holt? As rich grieving geniuses go...I'd be on that in a heartbeat! Rowr!)


  • At February 22, 2011 3:55 PM, Blogger SallyP said…

    Yeah, I couldn't understand why Power Girl of all people was there. At least not Peej as portrayed by Amanda Conner, which is my FAVORITE Power Girl.

    But also yeah, I wouldn't date Batman is he was the Last Bat On Earth. It would have to be the most boring thing on earth, plus you would never actually make it to the end of the date, before he had to run off and save the world...although I suppose that could be said of ANY superhero.

    Give me a Lantern any day. Even Hal. Or Kyle. He has a death kiss, but it would still be more fun than Batman.

  • At February 26, 2011 12:56 AM, Blogger notintheface said…

    A least desirable comic characters list without Terry Long isn't a real list.


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