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Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, since an ill-timed reboot ate the recap I was writing, I decided instead to take a break this week and post about this.

I'm looking forward to a Nomad mini-series. I was wondering what they'd do with the name now that Jack Monroe kicked it, and it's kind of fitting to hand it off to yet-another-Not!Bucky! character. And well, let's face it, Bucky's got a much better codename waiting for after he finally gives the shield back to its proper owner.

Besides, I like Rikki. She's cute, has a neat design, and a fairly comprehensible backstory...for a Marvel character anyway. :-P And she brings a nifty new dynamic to the table.

And I'm all for having a few more competent teenage girl characters running around. Especially when they have cute chemistry with Patriot.

Really, though, I'm mostly just looking forward to seeing her kick the crap out of Sin. Is that bad?


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