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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yet More Filler

I saw the Wolverine movie. It was...okay. Better than X3. Kind of falls apart if you think about it too hard, but then so did X3. And Cyclops got to do more in this one. So there's that. Gambit looked like he needed a shower, which I thought was in character.

It didn't particularly inspire me, but it was a good break in my take-home exam.

It occurs to me, that if I were writing a Wolverine plotline in the X-Men comics. I'd totally have a point where approximately 50 or so years ago, he was traipsing about the Yukon or Alaska and had a daughter named Katherine. Who would then fall in love with an Alaskan Blackbird pilot and get kidnapped by aliens, of course, but not before having an indiscriminate amount of kids prone to angst and property destruction.

I'm probably lame, but it would make me laugh so very very hard. Especially since someone would eventually have to tell Cable.

And then maybe Katherine would finally get some kind of character development beyond throwing the kids out of the plane and being Corsair's motivation for space piracy. Hmph.


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