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Friday, January 19, 2007

In lieu of a real post...

These were my last ten search queries according to Statcounter (My comments in italics):

2 20.00% kalinara

I always feel an egotistical sort of gratification when I find out people have searched for my name. Wee! Famous!

1 10.00% man crushers fetish

Err. Okay. To each their own.

1 10.00% greek goddess sluts

Honestly, Ragnell's where you want to go for that sort of stuff.

1 10.00% buxom

I've always appreciated well-rounded search terms. And horrible stupid puns

1 10.00% how many fs are in catastrophe


1 10.00% robin and batgirl fanfiction barbara and dick

Heheh. Sorry. Barking up the wrong tree here. I still say she deserves better. :-P

1 10.00% hawkman

Is a dick. Sorry. :-) I couldn't resist.

1 10.00% types of comics

Apple, Cherry or Lemon Meringue? Sorry. Makes sense in my head.

1 10.00% eva braun halloween

...I have no idea how this one ended up getting here. I don't even remember mentioning Eva Braun. And I'm not sure what she'd have to do with Halloween anyway. That's a little weird. Just sayin'...


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