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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Random Thoughts on Television

Can I just say that I'm loving all the awesome comic book type television shows that are on right now?

Well, not ALL of them.  I gave up on Agents of SHIELD because the only character I find remotely interesting is a villain.  And that's not really enough for me.  I'm not a huge fan of villains without some kind of redemption arc.  I'm okay with some anti-heroes or morally grey characters, but this character really isn't one.  So I'm moving on to a show where I like the HEROES.

I adore Flash.  Flash is goofy and cute and fun and features a main character who actually LIKES being a hero.  I've seen some people compare it to Smallville, but really, it reminds me more of Lois and Clark.  Barry's got his costume, and his name, and it's very obvious what romantic pairing is going to be end game.  But it's such fun to see how it happens.

I'm less enamored with Arrow.  It's a well written show and I am amused by exactly how much of a douchebag Oliver Queen is in this, or any really, universe.  But it's not really "I MUST WATCH" for me.

Gotham however is great.  I'm leery on Bat-products, I'll be honest with you.  They always seem just a tad repetitive.  (The same could be said for Superman products, but Superman has traits that appeal to me more.  I've never claimed to be fair. :-))  However, a Bat-show starring Commissioner Gordon?  Is great.  And in a weird way, I find it more optimistic than most Bat-products.  Yes, Gotham City is going to hell in a handbasket.  But there is someone who's trying to do what's right, who will hold the moral line until Bruce grows up and is ready to deal out some Batarang therapy.  I'm sure Gordon won't escape without a little tarnish, but as long as he gets to keep that inner core of Jim Gordon, he should get to avoid the worst of the corruption.

If they do irredeemably corrupt Jim Gordon, I will be really really upset.

Also, I'm enjoying that I can leer at Ben McKenzie without guilt.  I love Flash, and they're all very pretty, but they look so young to me.  I just want to give them hugs and pack them lunches.  No leering damnit.

I haven't seen any Constantine yet, though.  Is it any good?


  • At November 25, 2014 4:16 PM, Blogger SallyP said…

    I agree on Agents of SHIELD. I do love Coulson, but this show has been pretty...tedious.

    I haven't seen Constantine or Flash yet, and I probably should.

    Gotham however is...fascinating. The Penguin scare me to death...but in a good way.

  • At November 30, 2014 10:04 AM, Blogger The Pretentious Fool said…

    The Flash is one of my favorite new shows. Such good, lighthearted fun with enough substance to keep it from getting to goofy.

    Constantine is completely different, but just as good. They portray John Constantine as such a royal jerk you would think it would be hard to like him. Yet, somehow, he has just enough charisma to keep you coming back. I can see why he has friends, and also why his friends don't really like or trust the guy. Between showing Dr Fate's helmet in episode one and introducing Jim Corrigan in episode five, they seem to be aiming for a larger DC universe in this series as well.

  • At December 25, 2014 10:41 AM, Blogger Your Obedient Serpent said…

    Gotham is tops. The casting is perfect. I like that they're not neglecting Young Master Bruce, even though the show's focus is rightfully elsewhere. They're showing us that Batman isn't just a reaction to that single moment in an alley: that only opened Bruce's eyes to all the pain and injustice he'd been insulated from.

    Constantine and The Flash are tied for second.

    Matt Ryan was BORN to play John Constantine: not only does he look and sound the part, but he can snap off a snarky, funny line with an expression of such weary sadness and regret that you realize just how much a toll this life has taken on him.

    I agree with all your points on The Flash: it's really nice to have just one superhero show that's not AFRAID to be a superhero show.

    I still enjoy SHIELD, though. I love the way they tie it into the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I find all the characters engaging. It really doesn't hit its stride until the post-Winter Soldier episodes, and it's really taken off in season 2, with some major shifts in character dynamics and a lot more active development of the character and story arcs.

    Arrow ... I am still watching, but there's a lot of eye-rolling. Still, it's fun, and now that season 2 has run its course, we don't have to suffer from the sight of Slade Wilson in that ill-tailored suit.


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