Pretty, Fizzy Paradise

I'm back! And reading! And maybe even blogging! No promises!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oh right!  I have a blog!  Though to be fair, a two week hiatus is better than two years!  :-)

I have been spending far too much time playing video games than actually doing anything interesting.  Sorry.

But I'm back.  Theoretically.  :-P

Thursday, October 02, 2014

I've Been Schooled

So my mother is an unexpected virtuoso in the art of reciprocal television torture.

Reciprocal television torture is when you and another person alternate watching episodes of truly awful (or sometimes decent) television so that you can mock it and suffer together.  There are bonus points when you find something TRULY terrible to torture the other person with.

I do this with quite a few friends.  It's fun!  It is truly my favorite hobby.

Anyway, my mother had a similar idea.  See, whenever I get weirdly obsessed with something new (which is, unsurprisingly often), I end up trying to inflict it on everyone as much as possible.  So when my mother came to visit, she knew that I would attempt to inflict my current terrible obsession (Still Emergency!.  There are a damn lot of episodes of that show.)

So she planned ahead.  And brought something terrible of her own.  And we would (and did) alternate episodes of each.

My mother brought season 1 of Here Come the Brides.

And we watched episodes.

I think I've just been schooled.  By my mom.  In my own favorite hobby.

I am so proud.  :-D

(PS:  What the fuck was that dead thing on Bobby Sherman's head?  Just asking.)