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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I am Optimistic And Still Unable to Title Posts

I admit, I'm not always the biggest Bendis fan, and while I'm enjoying the All-New X-Men so far, I'm a little leery of the fact that Hank's trying to pin the entire mutant apocalypse on Scott...

But this interview makes me very optimistic.

I like his perspective on where Cyclops is now.  I particularly like the point about how regular society (the non-heroes, or non-heroic mutants particularly) would see Cyclops.  I never really thought of that, but it must look very strange to them.  Especially to people who may have just discovered mutant abilities only to see one of the most prominent leaders suddenly jailed away.

I think there's something about Cyclops as a character that I think a lot of writers tap into.  Not necessarily the same part, granted, but enough to make an interesting, compatible, cohesive whole.  Even Chuck Austen, whose run on X-Men was...problematic, managed to give us a really strong Cyclops.   His unwavering support of Alex through the entire Alex-Annie-Lorna mess, his sympathy toward Annie and Lorna, and his utter lack of ability to communicate any of this in a healthy and sane manner is the highlight of an otherwise awful storyline.

I actually like a lot of Bendis's work, so I'm optimistic.  (Especially since he doesn't seem to share Hank's opinion of events.)

I think Hank is a lying liar.  :-)  But I'm definitely sticking with the story.  I want to see where it goes.