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Friday, January 07, 2011


Okay, I gotta admit this looks cool.

Really, I'm a sucker for all these live action type shows. Injuries aside, the Spider-Man musical sounded pretty awesome to me. Even though I'm thinking it's cursed now, of course. Mostly because I love acrobatics.

Not a fan of clowns though. I'm not afraid of them, but I've never been much for slapstick. Also, the ones at the Shriner's Circus when I was a little kid used to mime hurting each other while popping balloons and that made me cry.

I was a wimpy kid. I admit it. But I definitely remember crying during the Shriner's Circus because I thought the clowns were hurting each other. And therefore I don't like clowns. Vicious bastards.

For the record, my list of loathed things goes: Earthworms > deer > clowns.

But I like acrobatics, and musicals (except Glee, sorry) and so this sort of thing looks like a lot of fun. Too bad about the curse.


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