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Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Awesome Link

I haven't really been of the inclination to blog this week. My fault. It was spring break and mine was surprisingly busy. I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I wanted. I did get to visit with friends (long overdue!) though, which was awesome.

One thing I've been doing a lot (since I can do it in one window while doing other things) is reading Mark Reads Twilight. This fellow goes chapter by chapter through the Twilight series and documents his reactions. It's something I've always wanted to try, but then I couldn't do it to a book I didn't like.

Besides, my last effort at recapping kind of fizzled out (I do intend to resume that, eventually, but it's time consuming and this really isn't a great term for that.)

But his is awesome. Though I think he gets a bit melodramatic about the awfulness of Twilight. I think the series is pretty bad, but I don't think it's quite as bad as he does. It's definitely not the worst or most unhealthy thing I've read. Though admittedly, my perspective may be because every person I know who likes the series is a smart person who just enjoys the guilty pleasure of the series rather than believes its something to emulate. (One of my best friends at school is a Twilight fan. I put up with this, just as she puts up with my obsession with the equally awful American Idol. We are all flawed. :-P) If I knew more of the crazy-type fanatics, I might feel otherwise.

I'm not sure I'd recommend it to fans of the series, though, for the obvious reason that it's not often fun to see someone tear down something you enjoy. But it's a pretty fun read otherwise.


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