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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meme Answers!

And my meme answers are completed! Thanks to you guys, there was no crying! I hope you enjoy them!

My list:

1. Turanga Leela
2. Scott Summers
3. Cassandra Cain
4. Guy Gardner (always a mainstay)
5. Clark Kent
6. Dick Grayson (because I never tire of mocking him)
7. Remy LeBeau
8. Carol Ferris
9. David Xanatos
10. Jubilee

A surprisingly competent list. You have no idea how hard that made answering some questions. :-P

Here goes nothing!

Diamondrock asks:

#1 and #7 fight a battle to the death on top of a speeding freight train. Who falls off and either plunges to his/her doom or returns to menace the other character?

Hmm, Leela and Gambit on top of a train. Awesome. She would kick his ASS. Of course, since Gambit's an X-Man, he'll return to annoy me another day. :-)

Ununnilium asks:

#4 and #6 are shoulder angels on #3. Who would be the good angel, who would be the bad angel, and what would they tell #3 to do?

Guy Gardner and Dick Grayson as shoulder angels? Oh, poor, poor Cassandra. Well, by appearances Guy will be the bad angel and Dick would be the good, but ultimately Guy would probably give better advice.

Granted that advice would be "Kick his ass!" but that's better than Dick's "Angst and mope and THEN maybe kick his ass!"

...okay, maybe not that different.

Maverick asks:

#3, #6, and #9 get into a "Battle for the Cowl". Who do you think should be Batman? Who do you think would Grant Morrison prefer to write as Batman?

Cassandra, Nightwing and David Xanatos? Um. Xanatos. Any day. To any question. David Xanatos would be the best Batman ever.


Rob S. asks:

#2 and #10 enter the Coney Island hot-dog eating contest. Who wins?

Scott or Jubilee. Jubilee, totally. Unless it's a mission. Or part of a slightly insane master plan. Then Scott might win. But more likely he'd plan to lose.

And then angst about it.

K.D.Bryan asks:

3 & 10 are forced to go to the suburbs, where they have to babysit a teething baby girl, a hyperactive 7-year-old boy and two sullen tween girls for an entire weekend. How well does this go?

Cassandra Cain and Jubilee. Hoo boy. That'll be FUN. Cass is pretty steady for all that she's not very talkative, so she'd probably be good with the younger ones. (Maybe the baby can chew on a spare batarang.) Jubilee will clash with the tween girls until the inevitable Sentinel attack. Whereafter, they'll start chewing a lot of bubblegum and experimenting with fireworks. Or ninjitsu. It might get a bit messy.

2 and 4 must fight 6 and 8 to the death in gladiatorial style combat, complete with togas (in lieu of their costumes/usual gear) and old-fashioned Roman weaponry (nets, swords, tridents and so on and so forth). Which couple wins and which couple dies?

Scott and Guy fighting Dick and Carol. Heh, that's funny. Each team has an angster and an asskicker. I THINK I'd give the edge to Scott and Guy, because Scott's plans usually work a lot better than Dick's.

Really, though, I think it's more likely that Carol in a toga will lead to Guy making inappropriate comments, and Carol kicking his ass, while Dick and Scott bond over angst, redheads, and problematic father figures. It'd be bromantic.

1, 5, 7 and 9 are in a drinking contest in a dive bar. Who passes out first? Who wins? Who wakes up next to each other mortified with splitting headaches?

Leela, Clark, Gambit and Xanatos. Hmm. I'm not sure Clark's affected by alcohol, so I think he'd win. Unless Xanatos can cheat somehow. I guess Xanatos, being the ordinary human of the group would probably pass out first. Unless he cheats, in which case it'll probably be Clark, because when Xanatos cheats, he cheats BIG.

Leela and Gambit will wake up next to each other, because as Zapp shows, Leela has a knack for sleeping with egotistical blowhards prone to mispronunciation and an inappropriate love of velour.

And lastly, Acts of Vengeance! 10 finds themselves under surprise attack by 5's greatest enemy and vice versa. How well do 5 and 10 fare fighting the other's arch-nemeses?

Um. Okay. Well, let's be honest here. I like Jubilee a lot, but she's not even remotely in the running for team powerhouse. I don't think Superman will have much trouble with any of her enemies. Well. Unless Kryptonite is magnetic.

On the other hand, Jubilee vs. Lex Luthor could be vastly entertaining. I'm not sure if she could WIN, but at the very least Lex will end up very annoyed.

Anonymous asks:

#8 and #1 go on a date. Where do they go and who pays?

Leela and Carol Ferris. Hmm. Carol's more financially stable, so she can pay. She can take Leela to a nice restaurant and then an air show, where they can bond about dating egotistical morons.

#5 attacks #8 and #1 on their date. Why, and how does it go?

Aww, well it's Superman, so mind control is undoubtedly involved. Fortunately, given her own history and dating Hal, Carol has some experience with this kind of situation, so they can probably deprogram him. Then all three will bond by kicking the brainwashers' asses.

Leela will end up with a crush on Superman of course, but who can blame her?

LurkerWithout asks:

#2 and #4 are getting married. Of the remaining 8, who are on the groom's side and who on the brides...

Scott and Guy. Oh goodness. Well, Emma aside, Scott does have a thing for temperamental redheads. Well, the easy ones first: Gambit and Jubilee will be on Scott's side to offer bemused moral support.
Nightwing (or Batman, I guess), Cassandra, Superman and Carol will be there for Guy. Only Superman will be there out of a genuine desire to offer moral support. Dick and Carol would be more likely to be taking pictures back to show Bruce (when he's alive again) and Hal. I'm not sure how well Cass would know Guy, but she's a sweet girl, so she'll probably wish him well.

As for Leela, well, let's face it, I think by this point Scott's going to assume ANYONE who identifies as a mutant from the future is somehow a descendant of his. So she can sit on his side.

For Xanatos...well, both DC and Marvel have their share of sinister millionaires. Scott seems to have more patience with his than Guy would though, since it only took what? 40 YEARS to get pissed off at Xavier? So I guess he can sit on Scott's side.

Really the best part of this scenario is Professor Xavier being stuck with Guy Gardner as a son-in-law. The impending rants about child endangerment will be glorious.

#3 hates #5 because of what they did to #7. What did they do and what will #3's revenge be?

Cassandra hates Clark because of something done to Gambit. Yeesh. That's not an easy scenario. Well, if there's one thing I learned from being an X-Fan it's that many women inexplicably love Gambit. So maybe Cassie is one of these poor unfortunates. It's hard to imagine what Clark would DO though. Possibly an expose of some sort?

I am amused by the thought of Cassandra taking revenge though. It probably wouldn't be a DRASTIC revenge, since Clark's a nice guy and a friend. Maybe she could do it by breaking into his office all ninja-y and...breaking all of his pencils. Heh.

#1, #6 and #9 open a shop. What do they sell?

Leela, Dick and Xanatos, hmm? Climbing equipment and night vision goggles. (one and two eye varieties.)

#10 is lonely. Who will buy them a puppy?

Xanatos, he's rich and enjoys chaos. Also, in my head, he and Xavier don't much like each other, so if Jubilee were still at the mansion, Xanatos would totally take the opportunity to get the most annoying dog possible.

notintheface asks:

1,2,4,6,and 10 are shrunk to tiny size and left to fend for themselves. How will they work together? Which of the remaining five has the best chance of finding them and returning them to normal size, and who will exploit the situation to their own advantage?

Hmm, Leela, Scott, Guy, Dick, and Jubilee. Well, Leela's been shrunk before, sort of, and this is hardly the weirdest thing to happen to the X-Men (or Guy Gardner for that matter.) Between them, Leela, Scott and Dick should be able to work together. Jubilee will follow their lead, and Guy will grouse and bitch until Leela threatens him. Since he likes getting yelled at by women, he'll probably cooperate from that point on.

Of the remaining five, Superman's probably got the best chance of finding them. It's a toss-up between him and Xanatos as to which will find the way to revert them to human, but you know Xanatos will be exploiting the situation already.

All 10 characters receive power upgrades from a mysterious benefactor. What will those upgrades be? Which character will be most improved? Which ones will be the most dangerous? And which ones will fight each other?

Hmm, do they all get powered up by the SAME benefactor? Since we can be sure anything covering Cyclops or Gambit has to do with Mr. Sinister. (Even if he IS dead.)

Anyway, Leela will probably get the Clobberella powers again. The X-Mutants will probably get the usual sort of upgrades they tend to get (also, maybe Jubilee will finally get something to do some fucking damage.) Guy and Carol could always be promoted or something. Dick and Cassandra have no powers and honestly, really don't need them. Possibly since they're Batclan members, they'll get an even greater capacity for angst. Xanatos could get some variation of the Eye of Odin powers from that one episode.

And Superman needs no power ups ever.

The character most improved would probably be Jubilee, because, well, damage! I like her, but barring very specific circumstances, pretty lights are kind of useless. Xanatos will be the most dangerous, but then, he's pretty much the most dangerous WITHOUT powers too.

Also, Guy will totally punch Scott. Because, well. Yeah.

bookslide asks:

4 and 7 are going to the prom. Who buys the corsage?

Guy and Gambit. Well, neither. Guy's not the sort to put out without some kind of gesture though, so Gambit would totally steal one.

Sadly, the night would end with a bar fight. Because it's Guy Gardner. And by "Sadly" I mean "Awesomely."

All ten are in a team-building exercise, with odds on one team and evens on the other. What company do they all work for? Who quits in frustration? Who are at the cabin first? Who cheats?

Okay, team one is: Leela, Cass, Clark, Gambit, and Xanatos.

Team two is: Scott, Guy, Dick, Carol, and Jubilee.

They all work for Xanatos of course. They don't KNOW that, but that's how it works.

I actually don't think anyone in this batch would quit in frustration. Except maybe Leela if Gambit doesn't lay off the wooing attempts. But this bunch is fairly determined and doesn't like to lose.

I suspect Scott's team will get there first. Mostly because while Scott, Gambit, and Xanatos are the most likely to cheat, Clark would end up interfering to make sure HIS team plays fair. Whereas when Scott cheats, he somehow makes it look like the responsible thing to do, and his team will totally buy into it.

5 is in love with a vapid Hollywood star. Who is it?

Hmm. That's hard. Clark actually has taste. It'd be someone who's known for competence and a temper. Maybe Lola Glaudini. Elle from Criminal Minds always seemed kind of old school Lois Lane to me.

Maverick asks:

#1, #5, and #10 all get a guest spot in "Oprah". Who is most likely to jump up and down the couch like a complete idiot?

Leela, Clark or Jubilee. Pretty much by default I guess it'd have to be Jubilee. Youthful enthusiasm and all. Unless weird kryptonite is involved.

All 10 are passengers of Oceanic 815. Who would be the first to solve what the heck is going on in the damn island?

Well, I figure they'd all probably stumble on the answer eventually, but my vote is for Xanatos. Because he's probably running it.

Ghost in the Shadows asks:

#2 & #9 wakes up as the opposite gender. They end up helping each other adjust, what does the world think?

Scott and Xanatos. Well, Xanatos can spin everything into good publicity for him, and Scott's an X-Men, so publicity tends to backfire on him.

I suspect the tabloids would have fun with "Mutant Temptress lures Billionaire into Lesbian Affair" for a while. And then Mr. Sinister will try to breed them.

The Gargoyles will suspect it's a trick, they'll probably be right. And Wolverine will probably start trying to talk Jean into a threesome.

#4 & #10 fall in love and decide to get married. What obstacles do they need to overcome?

Guy and Jubilee? Yeesh. Well, the age difference is the big thing. Guy isn't Hal after all. Jubilee is going to have to grow up first. And there's the usual sort of Green Lantern and X-Men type hassles to consider.

On the plus side, when they've finished dying, coming back to life, turning evil, losing their powers, and meeting alternate universe children, they'll probably breed the single most obnoxious character in two universes.

Guy will be proud.

Tavella asks:

Where do #1 and #7 go on their honeymoon?

Amazonia? I'd imagine Gambit would enjoy it at least.

#4 and #9 are running for office against each other, how does the election go?

Hmm, while I think Guy would be better in office, I think Xanatos pretty much has this in the bag. Unless Guy pulls out some kind of darkhorse Jesse Ventura thing. On the plus side, the televised debate will probably contain the word "pig-fucker."

Then Xanatos will offer him a job.

Anonymous asks:

2,3,7, and 9 have to teach separate Feminism 101 courses at the local college. Who thrives, who hates it, and who gets cited for sexual harassment/discrimination?

Scott, Cassandra, Gambit and Xanatos. Hmm. I think Scott would probably thrive. He's idealistic like that, and while his personal relationships are somewhat questionable, he's got a pretty good track record when it comes to working with and respecting female colleagues.

Cassandra would hate it. Poor thing really isn't suited to public speaking after all.

Gambit would totally get cited for sexual harassment. While Xanatos, though he also has a fairly good professional track record, would totally manipulate someone else into doing it.

1,6,8, and 10 have to work customer service jobs at the local boutique. In what order do they get fired and why?

Leela, Dick, Carol and Jubilee. Hmm, Dick will get fired first. It's the angsting and constant running out to save someone or stop a psychopath. Also,
well, let's face it. We've seen the boy dress.

After that, Leela. Because she's most likely to punch someone in the face. Carol'll be competent of course, her pride wouldn't let her do otherwise, but eventually Hal's going to come in and sleep with most of the female staff. That'll lead to awkwardness and being fired.

Jubilee would probably be the best at the job and keep it until a Sentinel blows it up.

3 and 9 get permanently body-swapped with the arch-enemies of 4 and 8. Who gets swapped with who and how do our four heroes defeat the villains? How do those body-swapped adjust to their new lives?

Hmm, Guy's arch-enemy is probably either Dementor or Sinestro. Poor Cass. Since Carol's the Star Sapphire, her arch-enemy might be Hal. Xanatos might enjoy that until he realizes that he's losing his intelligence thanks to all the blows to the head.

At least the combined might of the GLC, Batclan and whoever Xanatos tricks into helping should make swift work of the fight. (Once they unbrainwash Hal)

3, 7, and 8 are forced to play on a reality tv show. Which show and does one of them actually win? In what order do they get booted off and what catty remarks get shared for the viewers' pleasure?

Hmm, well, I'd rather not pick anything too weighted. Like the Apprentice, where the advantage would go to Carol. Any dancing show would go to Cass (martial artist and all) while Gambit pretty much owns the poker type games.

Maybe Survivor. Gambit and Carol are sneaky and should get pretty far. I suspect Cass though will slip past and actually win, all dark horse underdog. She won't be as fun with the catty remarks though.

9 and 5 have to share a bunk-bed. Who calls dibs on the top bunk? What does the bottom-bunker do to torment them?

Hmm, both Xanatos and Clark are comfortable in high places, but I think Clark would prefer the top bunk. Xanatos will torment him by constantly making asides to interesting sounding scandals, but not giving enough information to use for a newspaper.

That's okay though, Clark will get his revenge by being too damn nice and wholesome. It'll drive him nuts.

1 and 4 take a trip around the world. Who gets thrown in jail on the most ridiculous charges? What charges in what country?

Guy of course. Indecent exposure. France. (Don't ask.)

4, 5, 6, and 7 form a doo-wop group. Do they go platinum?

Guy, Clark, Dick and Gambit. Um. I'm thinking "No." They do get to sing at Alfred's niece's wedding though.

1, 2, 9, and 10 form a death metal band. Who has the most spectacular flameout?
Leela, Scott, Xanatos and Jubilee. Well, let's face it, no one flames out like a Summers. It'll be glorious.

10 has to run a milk delivery route. How does (s)he go about doing this?

She probably steals Logan's motorcycle, with the expected results. Heh.

ticknart asks:

7 and 2 are having a secret love affair, where do they meet to keep their friends from finding out and what do they do there.

The Danger Room. Scott claims it's because everyone would expect them to be training in there, and won't suspect a thing. When they're in there, they...train. Eventually, Gambit's going to realize that his "secret clandestine affair" is actually just Scott tricking him into actually showing up for training sessions.

Cyclops is devious that way.

6,1, and 9 race on a go cart track, who wins? Who cheats the most? Does anyone crash?

Leela wins, Xanatos cheats, and Dick will crash and be hurt, and his fangirls will be very happy. Heh.

5 and 10 are in a dance off, what styles to they choose and can they handle it when they are each given a partner? (5 gets 3 and 10 gets 4.)

Clark would choose a waltz, or perhaps a jitterbug if he's feeling frisky. Jubilee, a jive. Clark will of course be a perfect gentleman to Cassandra. Jubilee will be leery of Guy at first, but then they'll join up to annoy the other contestants.

8 appears on an episode of Food Network Challenge, what's the challenge? What does 8 make? How well does 8 do?

Carol will bake a cake. Unfortunately, she'll lose because it's a yellow cake and will fall on Hal's head.

Anonymous asks:

-The FF all get sick from Ben's cooking. 1,2,3,4 replace them. Who takes over what roles?

Leela, Scott, Cass and Guy. Well, my initial inclination would be to make Guy the Thing, as they both tend toward colorful language and temperamental displays. But Leela WAS Clobberella, so that wins out.

Scott can be the emotionally distant, brilliant leader. I'm sure he'll find it a stretch.

Cass is quiet but her flashy ninja skills and comparative youth make her the Johnny Storm of the group.

Which leaves Guy as Sue Storm. He can make forcefields, and he is thematically a woman. So heh.

-An eldery woman has been shot! The Devil approches #5 and offers to take away 5's marriage(or long term live-in partner) to save her. Do they accept?

If nothing else, I suspect Clark will consult with his wife first. And try all other options, such as the JLA infirmary or turning back time, or whatnot. :-)

In the end, he might do it, but again, he'd have consulted his WIFE.

-U.S.1 is doing a long haul of saurkraut across the Texas Panhandle. How would #6 help him? How would #7 stop them?

I'm not entirely sure what is going on in this question, but I'm anticipating the epic battle between Nightwing fangirls and Gambit fangirls. It'll be glorious.

-It's the end of the World! How does #8 handle it?

She'll probably bang Hal. No consequences and all.

-Superboy Prime is on a rampage. What does #9 do?

Probably trick someone he doesn't like, like Oberon, into fighting him. That way, no matter who wins, Xanatos comes out on top.

-How would #10 take down the Red Hulk?

Wow, that's an incredibly outmatched fight. Jubilee's not an idiot though, so probably she'd end up going to the X-Men for help. Having friends who can mind-whammy on request is nice.

Anonymous asks:

-#2,4,6,8, and 10 get picked to finish Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine. Who does the script, the art, the inks, and which one edits? Who get to review and what would they say?

Hmm, well, Guy is probably best suited to writing the script of something that by all rights ought to be an awesome slugfest. Carol's precise, disciplined and organized, so she'll be the best editor. Scott would be a good editor as well, but he has to deal with Wolverine in like five hundred teams already, so this might be overkill.

I don't know if Dick or Jubilee are remotely artistic, but fireworks are at least pretty, so they get to ink and art respectively.

- #1,3,5,7, and 9 are hired by DC to come up with a new series. What do they pitch?

Hmm, Cass, Leela, Clark, Gambit and Xanatos. My vote is a Two-Face pitch. Because Gambit likes chance, Clark and Cass like redemption stories, and Leela likes violence. Xanatos can do the marketing.

Anonymous asks:

-1 through 3 are throwing a surprise party for 8. What is planned?

Hmm, Leela, Scott and Cass are planning Carol's party. Aw. Well, they can't all be funny. I'd imagine it's a fairly quiet dinner out. A bit boring, but as a present, maybe Scott can do Carol's paperwork so she can go have suggestive fight scenes with Hal instead.

-2 is planning a vacation for 7 and 9. Where are they going?

Scott sends Gambit and Xanatos to the Savage Land. Actually, it's a mission, but they won't know that until they find the dossier he slipped into their luggage. He's kind of a dick like that.

-3 has just been told Rob Liefield is going to be doing a book based on them. Their reaction?

Ooo, I think you've stumbled on the reason for Cass's heel turn OYL! It all makes sense now.

-4 has just been told Jack Kirby is going to be doing a book based on them. Their reaction?

I think he'd probably suspect it's part of the Black Lantern thing.

Maddy asks:

- 7 and 4 are putting together a surprise birthday party for 6. Is it successful or disastrous?

Hmm, Gambit and Guy putting a surprise party together for Dick. Heh. It will be AWESOME. Strippers, gambling, and a bar fight. All the important stuff.

Bruce will be extremely irritated, so if nothing else, GUY will consider it a success.

- 3 has a big crush on 9, but 9 is in love with 5, who lusts after 3. How does the love triangle play out?

So Cassandra is crushing on Xanatos who's in love with Clark who's lusting after Cassandra. Okay. I'm assuming it's a bit in the future, so Clark isn't being a pervert. In that case, I suspect there'll be quiet pining, along with Clark pretending to be really klutzy.

As long as he's not yet married, I'd suspect Xanatos would totally suggest a threesome. He's practical.

- 1 and 2 are kidnapped by a deranged supervillain who pits them against each other in a cook-off. Whoever creates the better meal lives, and the other is killed. What did they make and who lives or dies?

Well, honestly, I don't remember if I've seen Leela OR Scott cook. However, I think they'll team up, and distract the badguy with competing angsty backstories and then Leela will hit the villain with a frying pan.

notintheface asks:

2,3,5,7, and 10 are each about to be offered a U.S. Senate seat by a corrupt state governor. Which ones would accept? Which ones would decline? What would each one want in return? And would the governor be able to give it to them?

Hmm. I suspect Clark and Cass are too principled to take the seat at all. Scott MIGHT be, but on the other hand, if he can get some big concessions to mutant protection/rights, he might be willing to take it after all. Corrupt or not, I should hope this guy isn't stupid enough to name either Gambit or Jubilee to the office. And really, I can't see either of them accepting. Jubilee is clever enough to know she'd be bored silly in politics, and Gambit would need to shower regularly.

Anonymous asks:

#6 gets set up with Kyle Rayner. How long does it take for them to get fridged?

Well, considering that they tried and failed to fridge Dick in Infinite Crisis, I'm going to bet he finds a way to live through this too.

Which is probably for the best. His fans scare the crap out of me.

I'd actually think given his penchant for temperamental and sometimes alien redheads, he'd get paired with Guy instead anyway.

#7 gets roped into babysitting. How does that end?

Mom and dad have a new army of cute and dangerous cardsharks that could really use a bath.

Anonymous asks:

Does number 9 Twitter? If so, what are their feelings on this:

Xanatos wonders how he can use that in his next master plan, of course.

Anonymous asks:

#4 must rhyme the words purple and orange together or a kitten dies! How do they do it?

Well, it's Guy. I'm pretty sure he could find a way to do it, even if it means causing gratuitous violence to you until you acknowledge that the words do in fact rhyme. Then maybe he'll give the kitten to Tora. Girls like kittens, right?

Scott asks:

1 vs. 6. The game: badminton. Who wins?

Well, they're both athletic, but Leela's lack of depth perception might be a hinderance here, so Dick.

4 vs. 10. The game: Frogger. Who wins?

Jubilee. She's more the videogame type. Guy will have more entertaining commentary during though. Also, he might enjoy getting splatted a bit too much.

8 vs. 9. The game: battle rap. Who wins?

Xanatos, but only because he bribes the judges.

2 vs. 7. The game: hitting each other with shovels. Who wins?

Probably Gambit, sadly, because glasses are too easily dislodged.

3 vs. 5. The game: hitting Nightwing with shovels. Who wins?

I win. :D

Menshevik asks:

4 and 2 see 7 and 8 smooching in the Batcave. How does each react?

Guy and Scott see Gambit and Carol smooching. Hmm. Well, she does like idiots with egos. I'd suspect Scott will roll his eyes and possibly make another exploding android for the Danger Room, while Guy will laugh, take pictures, and then figure out how to set it as the Batcave computer wallpaper.

If he doesn't have the computer skills for that, then he'll probably TAPE it to each monitor. And also the ceilings for good measure.

1, 3 and 5 discover Peter Parker struck a deal with Mephisto. Which one is the first to tell Aunt May?

Leela. She's a busybody like that.

6, 9 and 10 have to leave their home town and move to Middelton, Hill Valley, Gotham City, Duckburgh or Springfield (no two may go to the same place). Who chooses which town? Who comes to blows over the choice?

Well, Dick's from Gotham, so he's probably likely to go back, as fun as it would be to send him elsewhere. Jubilee would probably enjoy Springfield, as she's of an age to have enjoyed the Simpsons and is obviously fond of yellow. I'd send Xanatos to Hill Valley (Oblong version) because he would totally figure out a way to recruit all the valley folk for his master scheme and in the process probably improve their lives quite a bit. He can't be worse than the current management. :-)

Anonymous asks:

#9 gets into a drinking contest with Hal. Who injures their head first?

Hardly a fair question, Hal probably got his first concussion walking in the doorway.

#7 gets assigned to write Nightwing. What is their fist major change?

More redheads and explosions.

A civil is brewing between heroes. How does #6 handle it?

Damnit, you're making me compliment Dick Grayson, but I think he'd actually be really good at mediating. He's used to working with people of strong will/personality and the misunderstandings that tends to cause.

I mean, he basically did it in Obsidian Age already.

A group of heroes is planning on launching the Hulk into space. Does #5 help them or the Hulk?

I think Superman would help the Hulk and try to find a solution for everyone. He wouldn't necessarily succeed, but he would try.

Anonymous asks:

10 and 1 are going to watch a bad movie together and snark at it. What genre is it, and what type?

Romantic comedy. Because secretly, they're both kind of into it. They'll start off snarking, and in the end be sighing wistfully.

2 and 9, for whatever reason, end up in each others' clothes. How much of a disaster is this?

Xanatos is a sharp-dressed man, Scott is...not so much, but to be fair, once Jean and then Emma started dressing him, he did improve considerably. Bizarre Dazzler t-shirts aside.

Xanatos might still be a bit aghast at what he finds himself wearing though. Especially the spandex. The Gargoyles must never hear of this.

8 and 3 are both spying on a public figure. Who detects the other first?

Well, provided Carol's not using Sapphire-power cheating, Cass'll see her first. Actually, I'd really like to see that team up. Carol would be an awesome mentor.

4 and 7 wake up the morning after a wild party to find themselves handcuffed together. Does this lead to a two-characters-bound-together plot, or does one of them have handcuff escape tools/skills or alternately doesn't have a hangover and can think out of it?

Well, Gambit can pick locks. I'd be willing to entertain the notion of him being pickless for entertainment value, but I suspect he and Guy would just go to a bar.

6 and 5 are in the same car on a roadtrip. Where do they go for lunch?

Alfred of course!

Anonymous asks:

First five are, inexplicably, intelligent appropriately-powered horses, and told that they must race in the Kentucky Derby to be turned back. Who wins? Does it go completely off the rails instead?

Hmm, if they still have powers, then I'd say Clark wins, naturally. If not, then probably Cassandra or Leela. However, Guy at least would make a fairly glorious attempt to knock everything off the rails.

Second five are watching the race from the stands or wherever, and are ignorant of first five's plight, at least at first. Who quickly decides to help the horses/protect the crowd/keeps betting?

Dick, Carol and Jubilee will do the useful help the horses/protect the crowd stuff. I suspect Xanatos and Gambit will still be gambling.

From either group, who's the secret mastermind behind this ridiculous plot?

Hmm, depends on the motive. If the motive is self-centered and based on ambition, Xanatos. If the motive is actually altruistic if slightly insane, then Scott.

Anonymous asks:

#3 declares their undying love for you. What happens next?

Probably a lot of awkward staring.

Ms. T asks:

#4, 6 and 9 have become galaxy rangers, and sent on a mission to deal with Lazarus Slade with Buzzwang. Who ends up killing Buzzwang by mistake, who congratulates them for killing Buzzwang, and who actually gets the job done?

Hmm, Guy, Dick and Xanatos. Easy enough. Guy "accidently" kills Buzzwang. Xanatos praises him. Dick gets the job done.

And angsts about it.

Menshevik asks:

The ten are cast in another movie version of "The Three Musketeers". Who gets to play what whom? The parts of d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, Cardinal Richelieu, and Milady must be filled, other roles include King Louis XIII and Queen Anne of France, Rochefort ("Richelieu's sword"), Jussac (officer of the Cardinal's guards), Planchet (d'Artagnan's servant), Constance (d'Artagnan's sweetheart) and her husband, Monsieur Bonancieux (d'Artagnan's landlord, played by Spike Milligan in the Richard Lester version), Lord Buckingham and his murderer Felton, the executioner of Lille, and d'Artagnan's yellow horse.

Crap, do you know how long it's been since I read that?

Okay, I think I'd have Jubilee as D'Artagnan, given that she's brash and young and enthusiastic, it seems to fit. :-)

Scott is Athos, Guy was born to be Porthos, and Dick probably works fairly well as Aramis.

Xanatos, naturally, is Cardinal Richelieu, and poor Carol is stuck as Milady to me. Cassandra gets to be Anne of Austria, what with the alienation and distrust, while Clark gets to be Lord Buckingham as he's a decent sort of guy.

Gambit ends up being Rochefort, and Leela is...the horse. Hah.

Anonymous asks:

There is a rift in space and time, and #2,4,6, and 8 meet the Galaxy Rangers. Who bunks with who?

Easy one! Carol's the only girl, so she'd bunk with Niko by default, but I think they'd still get along fairly well as both are good with the asskicking. Scott gets to room with Zach, since they have the stoic leader thing going on. If Jean's dead at this time, they can even bond over lost but-not-for-good spouses and fatherhood. Dick can bond with Doc, over charm school and unconventional educations. Shane and Guy...would probably get along a bit too well. Hmm. Well. They'll have fun at least. Heh.

Anonymous asks:

1, 10, and 2 are all living in an apartment (3-G to be exact). Which one is the Margo, the Tommie, and the Lu Ann?

Hmm, Leela, Scott and Jubilee. Um. Hm. I think I'd go with Scott as Margo. He's more altruistic, but he's definitely scheming. Leela has doormat tendencies, so she's Tommie. And while it seems mean, that leaves Jubilee with Lu Ann.

3 is a Life Coach to Peter Parker. What advice to they give?

"Beware the retcon."

Menshevik asks:

3, 6 and 9 - the contest: flower-arranging!

Hmm. Dick, I suspect. Cassandra wouldn't understand the point, and Xanatos, well, I think he lacks the serenity to really make it work. Besides, he'd probably use it in a master plan.

2 takes 3, 5, and 7 to the opening of new Tintin/Hergé museum in Belgium. Who has the most fun? The least? Who only goes along to stock up on chocolates in Brussels?

Scott taking Cass, Clark and Gambit. I think they'd all like it, really, though Gambit's appreciation might better resemble casing the joint. Unfortunately, given that the other three are kind of goody-two-shoes, he'd probably not get the chance to exercise his...occupation.

Cass totally digs the chocolate.

1, 4, 8 and 10 go on a double date (who pairs up with whom?) and decide to go to sport event together. What sport? Who goes along to be nice but doesn't actually enjoy it?

Leela, Guy, Carol and Jubilee. Leela and Carol will probably pair up, while Guy and Jubilee end up together. In a perfectly MENTOR sense of course. Still, they'll have the most fun in laser tag. Carol will go along with it to be polite, but she'd probably enjoy it the least.

Anonymous asks:

#5 must bake a dish for Dr. Doom...or else. Whar dish do they make?

Martha's apple pie of course!

#8: cake or death?

Cake, of course. Carol is sensible. Also, if it's yellow cake, she can throw it at Hal's head when he's annoying. Win/win.


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