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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


They're remaking V now? Really?

I guess it's not terribly surprising. After all, no one can deny BSG was fairly phenomenal (even if I lost interest some two seasons ago.)

I don't know though. I kind of thought at least some of new-BSG's success was that the original was...well, let's be honest, it's both inexplicably popular and objectively terrible. I love it, of course, because I love insane things with unexpectedly decent performances here and there. (I do think Richard Hatch was fairly underrated as an actor. At least until new-BSG, where he got to rock Tom Zarek out.)

But BSG did have the whole single-season/missed potential/multi-decade fan revival movement going for it. The fact that new-BSG was actually GOOD was just icing.

V, though? Granted, I don't remember a lot of V. But I don't remember it being quite so over-the-top bad. And it seemed to go on quite long enough to avoid the whole "missed potential" thing. Certainly there were no Triad uniforms.

HAS there been a big fan revival thing that I was just unaware of?

I am kind of intrigued by whether they'll get any heavy-weight actors. Morena Baccarin's fairly talented, but I've never found Scott Wolf impressive. So far, I haven't heard anything about any Edward James Olmoses or Mary McDonnells, yet.

Still, I'll probably give it a shot. I'm easily amused and own a TV. :-)


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