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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Romance Novels and Manga Collide!

Huh, I was just on Blog@ and saw something interesting.

Apparently author Christine Feehan wrote a manga?

I don't particularly care for her work (I'm not much for romance novels) but my mother's a huge fan. How weird. And apparently Sherrilyn Kenyon's got one too.

Then again, there's a fair bit of crossover appeal between romance novels and romance manga anyway, I'd bet. Especially the kind of vampire/supernatural sorts of romance. And since the romance novel audience skews a little higher age-wise, I think, than the manga reading female audience, this could be a really good way to expand the comic book reading audience.

I don't really know how my mom feels about manga art style, but it might be worth picking her up a copy. It IS the holiday season after all...


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