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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey cool! More Dresden comic info!

I'm awfully excited. And there's going to be a Butcher-penned miniseries before that too! Nifty!

Interesting that from the sound of it, they're keeping the du Morne/Mouningway-as-uncle thing from the tv show. I like that, really. It's the simplest reason a kid would be legally dropped into his care, especially with all the Wizardy quirks that would probably look kind of weird from a social worker's standpoint.

And really, it doesn't necessarily contradict the books if you assume "Le Fay" is a flashy pseudonym.

I wonder if they'll keep the more humanoid-looking Bob as well. That'd probably work better than the talking skull for a visual medium. I mean a talking skull is a neat and creepy visual short term, but it's not terribly good with expressing emotions. And it's not like comics can really use a lot of narrative descriptions of tone-of-voice.

And I'm STILL sad that Morgan's no longer African-American. Sure, it's not in the books, but that guy's become THE quintessential Morgan in my head. It's too bad, since one thing I really liked about the tv show was the attempt at greater racial diversity. Oh well. I'll get over it...after I've sulked for a while.

Still, I'm getting really excited for this one! Yay!


  • At November 29, 2007 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well at least we have Rawlins and Sanya in the books. and for some reason I picture The Gatekeeper as a blend of Morgan Freeman and Sam Jackson. The guy does have an awesome "BADASS" vibe:)

    and Karrin looks much better on the cover

    Ikike the book Bob, the "look I'm DNA!" cracked me up
    Yay from me too!:)


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