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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Random Ridiculous Realization #8

A while back I posted my first Random Ridiculous Realization which theorized that if Ted Kord were a woman, he and Dick Grayson would be the best couple ever! (Click on the link for my justification. :-P)

But yesterday, I got to thinking what would it be like if they managed to spawn.

Imagine it, the ideal shuffling of alleles...

This kid would be techy, acrobatic with a penchant for spandex. Naturally. And imagine the jokes this kid would pull. Dick Grayson's lame jokes combined with girl!Ted's pranks... I couldn't even imagine what that combination would come out like...but it would be very funny.

His fashion sense would be so horrid that *both* parents would be horrified.

Dick: "Oh my god, are you wearing neon orange and *magenta*?!" (See any Blue Beetle v5 issue)
Tess (a.k.a girl!Ted): "You are not stepping out of this house wearing a liberace collar and elvis pants!" (Dick's worn worse)

Dick/Tess simultaneously: "You are so much like your mother/father!"

It's probably better that it could never, ever happen. Ever.


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