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Monday, January 02, 2006

Random Ridiculous Realization #7

Way back in August, this guy posted something about a X-Men/Legion of Superheroes team up in which Cosmic Boy finds evidence that Magneto is his dad.

I'd pay to see that. I really really would. It makes so much sense!

Just look at him!

Okay, maybe he gets his fashion sense from his mother...

I stole this picture shamelessly from typolad here. Thank you Typolad!


  • At January 02, 2006 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    uh huh...

    Yeah i'm guessing it got a bit drafty in that outfit. You know what with the cold deadness of space they constantly flew around in.

  • At January 02, 2006 9:23 AM, Blogger Diamondrock said…

    I hate Magneto.

  • At January 02, 2006 7:05 PM, Blogger Centurion said…

    I think something like that would have the following stats:

    Light Armor (no movement penalty)
    +2 to base armor
    +10 resist all
    Allows character to reroll any failed vs/Charisma check if player counters any insult with "Let's see how well you can handle space wearing this!"

  • At January 03, 2006 1:01 AM, Blogger Melchior del DariĆ©n said…

    How does that near-shirt/unitard thing even stay attached to his upper body? It sort of defies the laws of physics...or fabrics...or something.

  • At January 03, 2006 3:08 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    mallet: Yes. Cosmic Boy's just that tough.

    diamondrock: Well, maybe Polaris is his mom. :-P

    centurion: Now I want to make that item for a D&D campaign. Damn you. :-)

    melchior: my theory is that it's sewn with little bits of metal in the threads, thus his magnetism power holds it up. Or duck tape.


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