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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Perfect Couple (seriously)

Ragnell and I were chatting amiably about Bulleteer and the Seven Soldiers, when she came up with the most blindingly perfect couple idea ever.

Guy Gardner and Alix Harrower.

It's perfect really. They've both worked with special needs kids for one thing, so that's a common interest right there.

And their temperaments and tastes compliment each other perfectly. Alix is a sweet, relatively innocent, compassionate person from what we've seen. Very much like Ice. She's in over her head, but she's doing her best and doesn't seem to be about to back down. She's not a clone of Ice, mind you, but she's got a lot of those traits that would appeal to Guy in a more long-term sense.

Guy in turn is somewhat forceful and domineering, though in an overt way, rather than Alix's husband's passive aggression. At the risk of judging on only two issues, Alix seems like the sort of woman who is attracted to strong personalities (consider also her interaction and obvious respect for Sky-High Helligan). And unlike her jerk of a husband, Guy's honest and loyal. He might leer at her body and make a few jackass-comments, but he'd never have made subtle cracks about age and losing beauty, he'd never have tried to push her into getting the metal skin. And he certainly wouldn't have cheated on her with an internet superheroine. He'd have supported her in whatever she'd have wanted...even while being overtly an insensitive jackass about it.

Going by Guy's relationship with Ice, Guy appears to enjoy being less of a complete jackass and playing up the protector/supporter in his personality. Which seems to be the sort of personality that would suit Alix (I get the impression that she's probably a little old-fashioned in certain ways in terms of gender dynamics, not that there's anything wrong with that; and Guy and Ice's relationship seemed to follow that sort of line). And whenever he did manage to get her angry enough to yell at him or hit him, Guy'd more than likely enjoy that. He enjoys when women are forceful, especially if they're usually more reserved. He'd definitely encourage her to be more assertive.

Yep! Probably won't ever happen, but it could really be great! (Unless of course, I'm misreading her personality entirely. :-))


  • At January 12, 2006 7:00 AM, Blogger Ragnell said…

    Who says? Anything can happen OYL and we might see little redheaded Metallic Vuldarian babies running around.

  • At January 12, 2006 7:07 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    That would be *awesome*! And they would all be redhaired wouldn't they? Awww, how cute!

  • At January 12, 2006 6:38 PM, Blogger Spencer Carnage said…

    And he certainly wouldn't have cheated on her with an internet superheroine.

    I think he was doing research while looking at those websites..

  • At January 12, 2006 10:23 PM, Blogger kalinara said…

    Nah, if you read the later part of Bulleteer 1, right before the train incident, they show the content of one of his messages: (it's partially cut off on both sides in the panel)

    "Sexy Sally Sonic-:
    I can't stop thinking abou-
    how you look in those
    pictures you sent me, with
    the bullets just vaporizing
    against your perfect skin--
    and the shot of you pourin-
    sulfuric acid across
    your breasts--wow! My wife is
    really beautiful, but every
    time I look at her I see her
    in ten years coming apart
    ;ike a piece of bad tailoring
    and then I go back to your pictures and thinking abou-
    you--I'm going to make
    myself like you and we ca-
    be partners BULLETEER
    and SALLY..."

    (Then Alix runs out of the building, and comes across the crash site)

    Yep. Research. :-)


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