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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guilty Pleasure Book(s) - The Wars of Light and Shadow by Janny Wurts

Okay, for the record, I am actually a good judge of quality in my fantasy/science fiction.  I know a good book when I read one, and I have a nice mental list of my favorites that I will totally blog one day.  But sometimes, just sometimes, there are books that are objectively, well.  Kind of bad.

And yet you read them.  Again.  As in more than once.  Because...something.

I have a series like that: The Wars of Light and Shadows by Janny Wurts.

I don't read the books often.  Mostly because they're each giant doorstops of books and there's about nine of them.  But...every once in a while, the urge hits.

The thing about the books isn't necessarily that they're bad writing (though I admit, there are some passages that just make me go "...what?" but that happens sometimes), but they are total massive angst fests.  I'm honestly just continuing to read to see how much ridiculously terrible shit happens to the main male character.  Every time I think "nah, she can't top that."  She does!  It's actually kind of impressive.

I have to admit though, once I got to the creepy possessed coma sex part, I very nearly tapped out.  ( Don't ask, seriously.  I will explain it if you ask and you might regret it.)  I'm glad I continued though because the ninth book ended up fast forwarding some insane amount of time later, which did change things up quite a bit.  The main character is still suffering horribly, but at least for a time there's amnesia involved, and honestly, that seems almost like a vacation for the main dude.  Also his brother might be becoming less of a douchebag.  Yay?

(Tangent: A friend once told me she thought the books were like a fantasy version of the Lymond series.  But I haven't actually read that so I have no idea if that's true.  I'm assuming there's less possessed coma sex though.)

It's my own fault really.  I could have quit any time.  But somehow I just keep going.  And I'll probably buy book 10 when it comes out too.  I'm ashamed of myself.

 Since misery loves company, I invite you to share your own embarrassing guilty pleasure books below.  :-)


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