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Monday, August 11, 2014

Watching Old, Bad TV (again)

Rather than do anything notable this weekend, I ended up watching the first serial of the 1970s Tomorrow People.

These are some of my observations:

Unlike the 2013 show, Stephen is actually played by someone age appropriate.  He looks 12, basically.  I'm guessing a love triangle is not in the works.  At least I hope not, because John is like twice his height.

Carol is kind of stupid.  "I have to go rescue the others!"  "Don't forget your stun pistol!"  "I don't have time to get my stun pistol!  I have to rescue my friends!"  (Okay, this is not a direct quote, but that is definitely the gist of the scene.).

John is kind of hot.  I don't feel bad saying that because while Stephen is age appropriate, John obviously hasn't been a 17 year old for at least five years.  He's also uptight and vaguely robotic.  He might be my favorite (I'll know for sure if he blows something up.)  He should probably lose the incredibly tight white turtleneck/trousers ensemble though.

Kenny is a cute kid.  Though he probably should stop pretending to jump off bridges.

No one seems to have any problem with the fact that a seventeen year old kid apparently invented an entire science fiction laboratory and an AI that runs off "biological fluid".

Jedikiah, in this show, is a shapeshifting robot.  His robot form is an aluminum box with arms and legs sticking out.  I am not kidding.  It's still an improvement on the 2013 version.

The special effects make old skool Doctor Who look like new school Doctor Who.

I like how as soon as they rescue Stephen, John goes to his house and tells Stephen's mom what's going on. Most tv shows have the kids having to run around in circles keeping things from their parents.  This makes more sense.

Everyone has seventies hair.  It doesn't matter how much danger everyone's in, up to and including being trapped in hyperspace, they still have beautifully conditioned hair.


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