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Monday, May 09, 2011

Something I really liked about the Thor movie...

It occurs to me that in my previous mostly-non-spoilery rambling about Thor, I forgot to mention something that I really liked.

I like that there is a significant female presence in the movie, and by that I mean there are women who actually are not the token sensible love interest (or recipient of sexual chemistry/voice of sanity).

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love movie!Pepper Potts like mad. And I didn't mind Liv Tyler's character in the Hulk. But they were pretty much the only female presences in their movies. Iron Man 2 also had the Black Widow, who was, I thought, the saving grace of the movie, but every other female role still seemed there just to bang Tony and maybe get a good line during a press conference.

In Thor, we do get the token love interest in Natalie Portman. (She wasn't a bad character, though I thought she could use more development. But then I thought that about all the Earth-based characters.) We also had Sif, who was the most sensible seeming of Thor's friends, but still a tad on the comic relief side. We had Frigga, who didn't say much but was visibly present and the bit with the sword was pretty awesome. We even had a funny comic relief female sidekick for Natalie Portman.

To be honest, I kind of hoped the romance would have been between Thor and Darcy (funny sidekick), since while that would have still seemed a bit rushed, it would have been funnier.

But anyway, I really liked that the movie featured a number of distinct female characters outside of the traditional love interest role. It made me happy. :-)


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