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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Eggplant and Lime Green

So I finally got the chance to go to my local comic shop for the first time in ages, naturally I've got myself a nice stack to catch myself up on. While at the comic shop however, I saw this:

(Image swiped from here.)

On one hand, it's a very nice figure and I particularly like the face and removeable sunglasses/mask. On the other though...

The suit/trenchcoat costume is supposed to be LESS silly of the Sandman's costumes! I know it's green and purple in some of the comics too, but somehow it manages to be green and purple without being quite and purple. (The picture actually doesn't do it justice as to HOW green and purple it is.)

I mean, honestly, the box talks about how, via glasses and mask, you can transform Wesley back and forth from the Sandman or not. And I have to take this as more evidence of Wes's moronitude becuase really...either way, he's wearing eggplant and lime green.

If I see a masked man wearing eggplant and lime green. Then a guy in glasses wearing the same outfit. I'm not going to assume they're different men. I'm going to assume that only one man in existance would actually wear that color combination willingly and attack him!

And they keep trying to blame the purple cowl costume on Sandy! Sandy, barring a few exceptions, actually knows how to dress!


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