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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Query for Recommendations:

Okay, so the first week of Orientation at MSU's College of Law is finished. Orientation pretty much always sucks. This did not, admittedly, suck as much as some, but it was still pretty boring.

Anyway, I'm really really in the mood for stories involving involuntary transformations (like into an animal, child, opposite gender, whatever) or voluntary shape-shifting.

Just stories that involve people turning into other things/people. :-)

Can anyone give me a recommendation?


  • At August 25, 2007 10:25 AM, Blogger SallyP said…

    Well, Fables is always fun. I love it when Snow and Bigby's kids turn into wolves and chase the animals from the Farm.

    Bleh. It's too hot to think.

  • At August 25, 2007 10:55 AM, Blogger Jason said…

    I just got done reading "Ode to Kirihito" which is about a disease that turns people into dog-like creatures. It's great, but certainly not light reading.

  • At August 25, 2007 12:28 PM, Anonymous suedenim said…

    Well, have you ever wondered what would happen if some Blackhawk knockoffs in the late '60s all turned into groovy chicks?

    If so, have I got a prize for you!

    If not, why the heck not???

  • At August 25, 2007 1:18 PM, Anonymous J. Kevin Carrier said…

    I don't know if they're still in print, but Jack Chalker's "Well of Souls" novels feature all kinds of freaky transformations:

  • At August 25, 2007 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, there's The Metamorphosis... which despite it's rep as being inaccessible, it really ain't. Perhaps that's too obvious though.

  • At August 25, 2007 3:45 PM, Blogger Matthew E said…

    Volumes IX (Jokertown Shuffle) and X (Double Solitaire) of the Wild Cards novels. (You might want vol VIII (One-Eyed Jacks) as well; it kind of leads into them.)

  • At August 25, 2007 6:33 PM, Blogger Anthony Strand said…

    The Emperor's New Groove, of course, if you're in the mood for a comedy.

  • At August 25, 2007 6:37 PM, Anonymous davelevine said…

    I second the nomination on the Well of Souls novels by Jack Chalker. I'm in the midst of re-reading them right now. Great thing about them is that the series isn't one big long story but instead a series of connected stories. Book 1 (Midnight @ the Well of Souls) is a stand-alone story, books 2 & 3 are another story, same for books 4 & 5. They aren't too heavy content wise and I like some of the ideas that the author explores.

  • At August 25, 2007 10:31 PM, Blogger McBangle said…

    "Orlando" by Virginia Woolf is a classic. "Misfortune", by Wesley Stace, while not about a literal transformation, is fascinating.

  • At August 26, 2007 2:49 AM, Blogger Michael said…

    Most of Jack Chalker's (RIP) books deal with transformation of some sort - shape, gender, whatever. In addition to the Well World, books of his whose main characters undergo a physical transformation include the Dancing Gods, Soul Rider, and Changewinds series. He was one of my favorite SF/fantasy authors.

    Of course, Chameleon Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes goes without saying.

  • At August 26, 2007 4:54 AM, Blogger Patrick said…

    There's the great JLU episode where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are turned into kids to stop Circe's heir from reeking havoc. Also the cutest version of the Demon you will ever see. The prepubescent Wonder Woman crush on Batman was precious.

  • At August 26, 2007 10:29 PM, Blogger Will Staples said…

    Transformation isn't a major theme, but Fullmetal Alchemist features a main character whose consciousness is trapped in an empty suit of armor. It's a very entertaining read, but also very long (14 volumes so far with no end in sight), and I recall you saying before you're not looking for manga to read, either. Still, worth a look.

  • At August 26, 2007 11:09 PM, Blogger Hale of Angelthorne said…

    Rather ironic, given that you are being (in)voluntarily transformed from a human being into a lawyer ;)
    You are my second blogging buddy to go off to law school recently. Where o where did your mother and I go wrong?


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