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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Odd Thought

So, after a visit to the dentist (first in four years), I got to thinking.  I can't really remember reading any books or comics with a dentist main character.  This is possibly because everyone in Utopian science fiction has awesome teeth (hypospray those bastards), while dystopian science fiction and fantasy series just don't like talking about teeth.

To be fair, Aragorn sounds a lot less attractive when you imagine what his teeth probably looked like.  (Then again, the Elves seem like the sort to invent/discover flouride.)

I suspect it's also because, and this is not a knock on dentists, it's probably very hard to write fiction about dentistry and make it sound remotely appealing to a non-dentist.

Can you think about any books/movies/et al starring or featuring a dentist?


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