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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hey Cool!

It looks like they've modified the Wonder Woman costume a tad for the tv show.

I like it.

Of course, I also liked the uber-shiny version we saw earlier. And I liked the star spangled bathing suit she usually wears. But I like this too. I'm pretty easygoing. This strikes me as a nice practical look, as superhero costumes go. I don't think modern Diana NEEDS long pants, but I kind of like that she's actually in a costume I could wear for Halloween and not freeze my tuckus off. (Well, leg wise at least. I'm not sure I'm proportioned right to pull off the top.) I also love that the boots are something I could totally walk/run in. I trip over half-inch heels, so I DEFINITELY appreciate that. (More costumes for us klutzy girls please! :-P)

I did see something that made me slightly aghast though while I was looking for fridge dispatch posts and unfortunately, I didn't save the link. But I saw someone complain about one of the new costume pictures, not about the costume (which I understand even if I like it) but because she's making a "grr" face in the picture. Because apparently playing a superhero means you can't show physical strain.

That strikes me as dumb because until we can replace actors entirely with CGI, we're going to have to accept that occasionally human beings will slip and do something human. If I can suspend disbelief enough to believe in bracelets that can stop bullets, I can accept that Diana's really really annoyed and/or concentrating on her running.

But yeah, even though I liked the other version, I really like this one. Not as shiny and the stars make me all appropriately nostalgic. <3


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