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Friday, April 08, 2011


So yeah, apparently rather than doing something useful (like catch up on comics! :-P), I have felt the need to start watching Kung Fu: The Legend Continues again.

It's kind of interesting. This time around, I like Peter a lot more than I did before. Possibly I've mellowed with age. Because his moments of complete idiocy don't bother me as much. Or it may just be that I finally saw the first episode, and the whole fake-robbery-to-prevent-real-robbery thing was just crazy enough to push my buttons.

It is still a dreadful, dreadful show though. But I enjoy it. It's one of those shows that's too crazy to actually have a jump the shark moment. Because really, when you've had your cast beset upon by stuffed spiders, mind controlling ninja, lookalike movie actors, David Carradine playing all of his own ancestors, and so on, a shark is child's play. I think the only "Jump the Shark" moment that show could have is if it suddenly became legitimately good.

You get so much more enjoyment out of life when you stop holding entertainment up to these "standards" thing, I've been hearing so much about. :-P


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