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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Talk show thoughts?

You ever wonder what talk shows would be like in a comic book universe?

I mean, the Summers family alone is like worth four Maury Povich episodes. (At some point, they're just not going to run the DNA tests anymore. Everyone's a Summers, man. Everyone.)

The court shows like Judge Judy would be pretty entertaining too. "I lent him my prize kryptonian weather controller and he broke it!"

And then there's Oprah.

Mostly though, I just want to see a special where Jon Stewart interviews John Stewart. Because that would be awesome.


  • At January 28, 2011 1:02 AM, Anonymous Devin McC said…

    Ben Grimm would show up on Letterman all the time, kind of like Regis Philbin.

    And The View would have to add a panelist to represent the villains' side of things, although I'm not sure who. Catwoman wouldn't want to do it - Harley would, but that isn't going to end well.

  • At January 28, 2011 1:38 AM, Blogger kalinara said…

    In Marvel, my guess would be Emma Frost (yeah, sort of hero now, but tends to skirt the line. :-))

    My vote would be Bleez from the Red Lantern Corps. :-P

  • At January 28, 2011 1:46 PM, Anonymous Jeff R. said…

    Obviously, it would be Plastique. Hot, Canadian, ex-wife of a major superhero...

  • At January 28, 2011 1:57 PM, Anonymous D said…

    What about Larfreeze (Orange Lantern) on Colbert?

    If I remember correctly, Letterman exists in the Marvel Universe

    And Colbert is very real in the Marvel U (and Stewart also). How would they have reacted during the Civil War?

  • At January 28, 2011 4:57 PM, Blogger SallyP said…

    These are all fabulous ideas. If I remember correctly, Hal was on Oprah...but it didn't end well.


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