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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Character I Liked...

You know who I always thought was a missed opportunity as a character?

Joseph, from the X-Men.

That is, the amnesiac youth-ized clone of Magneto that everyone thought was the real thing for a while?

I mean, sure, his origin was very, VERY 90s, but I actually thought he was a lot of fun. Maybe because his personality was designed to be as anti-the real Magneto as possible. I really thought there was a lot of unexplored potential in the character idea, especially since it seemed like they killed him off (or magnetosphered him, whatever) just after he found out he was a clone and not the original.

Maybe it's just that, now that Magneto seems to be trying to redeem himself, I want them to throw another justifiably resentful kid in the mix. This one hasn't even gone crazy yet!

But really, Joseph was great for two reasons:

1) His mom was a mad scientist and girl mad scientists are kind of rare.
2) He wasn't Gambit, and thus was a much more interesting romantic option for Rogue.

They ought to bring him back! He was cute!


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