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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just Call Him Alcatraz?

I was just re-reading a Search for Cyclops (good beginning, kind of disappointing ending, I mean really, there could have been a much more awesome Cable+Jean vs. Apocalypse!Scott battle than THAT) and had a thought.

Well two, really. But the first one ("Um dude, was Cable really feeling up his father's hologram?!") doesn't count.

Okay, three, but wondering how exactly amnesiac Scott ended up with an Arabic fisherman boyfriend named Achmed doesn't count either. For the record though, Achmed totally fits just like Lee Forrester in my girlfriend=father theorum.

But the real thought besides, "Seriously, why the hell did no one ever listen to Jean all these months when she insisted her husband was still alive? It's not like they've been mentally linked for YEARS or anything..."

Okay, the running gag is getting a little old now, so I'll get to the point:

We've now had two incidents supporting the idea that Scott Summers is the single greatest telepathic prison ever constructed.

I mean, granted, we've never seen how it worked when Apocalypse possessed En Sabat Nur (I'm probably totally fucking up his name and I apologize in advance), so maybe it went about as chaotically, BUT it always seemed implied to be an instantaneous possession.

It did not seem as though "trapped for six months in the mind of a depowered amnesiac" was even remotely expected or intended to have happened.

And even when everyone and their freaktastic mother was trying to free Apocalypse, in his own damn city, Scott was still fighting his way through. Granted, Jean and Nathan had to get rid of it entirely, but still, pretty awesome. I mean, it's APOCALYPSE.

And now, recently, well, his repression just ate the Void.

I know I keep saying the guy needs therapy, but well, HIS MENTAL ISSUES JUST ATE THE VOID. I mean, yeah, it's not going to LAST, and will undoubtedly backfire, but still, he's a non-telepath who with a bit of training from the dead wife, REPRESSED THE VOID.

Which totally puts an interesting spin on the fact that almost every telepath in the Marvel Universe seems to be either attracted to him or a scary father figure. His brain is telepath-bait. And can eat them.

I wonder if that's Sinister's doing, or if he was always a mental venus fly trap. But it is an interesting trend.


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