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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Because I'm not bored of this yet

Okay, well, this page isn't a sex scene per se. But it popped up when I was reading a comic for other reasons, (mostly to see if Sinister in love is as creepy as everything else he ever does, short answer: yes) and I thought it made a good illustrator to my long-running point that, well, Jean's totally the top in that relationship.

This is from the 1995 X-Men Annual.

Scott misses the point

Once more, you have the old friends leaving so as not to vagina-block the (almost?) married couple.

And once more, Scott completely misses all signals. Yes, Scott, dressed like that and leaning in like that, and talking like that, she totally wants to CLEAN right now.

I'm honestly starting to wonder if a lot of the problem isn't just that, between the brain damage, being raised by a succession of Sinister/Jack Winters/Charles Xavier, the guy never learned any courtship cues. Or if he does, they're probably of the type that's either decades out of date or more likely to get you arrested.

Fortunately, Jean's long since learned that if anything's going to get done, she's got to be the aggressor. When he inevitably misunderstands her comment about bringing down the house and starts looking for a sledgehammer, she'll totally tackle him to the ground. That's my prediction.

I suppose this could also go under one of the many reasons Scott Summers needs therapy: out in the secluded woods, amorous fiancee/wife (I don't remember if they're married at this point), friends off pointedly giving them space, and all the man wants to do is clean. Tsk.


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