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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogging Improvement Setback, Operation Torture Friends Still A Go

Hmph. This becoming a better blogger thing is harder than I thought. Well, I'll keep at it.

It'll help once I get a chance to pop off to the comic shop. I'm SO behind. On the plus side, that friend I mentioned torturing a while back DID enjoy Nick Fury.

We all love David Hasselhoff here. We're not sure why.

I've considered using that godawful Captain America movie to torture her next, but I do actually LIKE my friend, so I'll pass. Maybe I can find my copy of that Justice League pilot. She won't know who anyone is, but it's silly enough to probably not matter.

I'm running low, so I might have to drop by the video store eventually for more horrible movies. Hmm.


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