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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Diamondrock Loves Me!*

Diamondrock loves me so much that, since he knew I don't read Deadpool, he scanned THIS for me, thus making my day AND saving me from having to think of an actual post!

Eee! So cute! I think the pacifier in lieu of cigar is the best part. (Though somewhat ruined by the fact that Fury isn't smoking a cigar in the "real" scene, Quesada. I appreciate the anti-smoking message in general, but come ON. It's Nick Fury!)

(I mean seriously. If Nick Fury were a role model for youngsters, there's a lot more to worry about there than smoking. How about the rampant love of explosives, the maniacal violent tendencies, the foul language, odd ignorance about basic paleontology, or the propensity for replacing oneself with a robot double on dates? REALLY.)

Still, baby!Nick Fury made my day. I may grow to like Deadpool yet.

*in a platonic sense of course. :-)


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