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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Thinking About Holiday Specials

It's occurred to me that I have a deep dark secret. I love holiday specials.

Not tv movies or that sort of thing, I can do with out those. But when you have a normal tv shows that suddenly put up halloween decorations or a menorah or a christmas tree or the like? I'm totally hooked.

Comic books too, of course. Halloween specials, holiday specials, special thanksgiving issues, all that stuff. I just love them. :-)

I have no idea why, I'm not much of a holiday person myself, and particularly in the case of comics, holiday celebrations are awfully inconvenient. (So okay, it's supposed to have only been so many years since Zero Hour, but they've had HOW many Christmases?!)

I dunno though, there's something about seeing characters I like normal person stuff for a little while. Sure the Christmas Tree's probably going to get totalled during a supervillain attack and trick-or-treating's invariably going to end up being disrupted by zombies, werewolves, or something else. :-) There's just something about the little things. :-)

I might be a sap. :-)


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