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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nifty News!

Okay Ragnell showed me this, which is pretty darned exciting!

A comic book version of the Dresden Files ought to be a lot of fun!

I'm a little leery about the Dabel Brothers though, considering the Anita Blake adaptation, but then, it sounds like Butcher is VERY involved with this one and hopefully that'll exert some sort of quality control.

At the very least, I hope they don't go with the same artist/style. Admittedly, they probably won't. Dresden Files has a completely different tone as Anita Blake. (Thank god.) Harry might not be so bad in that artstyle (being less designed for show, so to speak), but I can only imagine what they'd do with THOMAS. Egads.

I'm pretty easy going when it comes to adaptations though. I really enjoyed the short-lived tv version (It's going to be weird to "see" Bob as he is in the books rather than as Terrance Mann...and my shallow side hopes that Harry is drawn with some resemblance to Paul Blackthorne.) So I'll probably enjoy it.

At least I KNOW about this one ahead of time rather than just finding out recently that there's been a Highlander comic for god knows how long! My first love and I MISSED it! So frustrating!


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