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Monday, June 05, 2006

Fashion Showcase!

One thing I did not know before reading Golden Age Sandman is that little Sandy Hawkins was, in fact, a very snazzy dresser.

Somewhere along the way he's let monster-dom and responsibility make him a boring business-casual sort of gent, when he's not wearing skin tight, vaguely Japanese bondage inspired spandex.

But as a kid in the early 1940s, the kid knew how to dress with style!

I already showcased one outfit here. But this time I'm gonna showcase my three favorites. Because they're adorable and I can.

This one, from Adventure Comics 82, is a snappy little number. The stylish scarf adds a dash of color to the whole ensemble. I've always liked his tiny overcoats and hats too, I wish I knew where I could buy them.

This one, from Adventure Comics 87, is remarkable for the color scheme. Not many could pull that orange suit, green tie, yellow hat thing off. Somehow though the combination really works. Far better than Wes's own orange hat and green suit. But as established by the burgundy suit in the top link, Wes can't actually dress himself.

Okay, I can't explain this one, from Adventure Comics 70. A dressing gown over a turtleneck. However, looking at Wes's own outfit, it starts to make sense. See, I'm pretty sure this is early in their partnership as only a few issues before that, Wes is in his earlier costume with no child sidekick in sight. I think in this case, Sandy was just mimicking his fashion-fatigued father-figure. Soon he'll figure out that Wes's dress sense is best left un-imitated.

It is a very cute dressing gown though.


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