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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A new Favorite Scene: Legion v4, #96

Since I mentioned the scene before as one of the many reasons I love Rokk Krinn, for all his occasional bitchiness, I thought I'd post the scene. Because it's cute. (Other reasons include the post-Zero Hour Machiavellian takedown of the president, because that was pretty damn awesome...been reading Post-Zero Hour stuff. :-))

Scenario: The Wedding's happened, but as they're in front of the altar, Rokk begins to morph into Garth, as he's who Imra really wants. "Garth" flies off, and Imra is forced to realize she's been mind-controlling him like a puppet for weeks.

Page 19
Page 20
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Page 22

Like I said, wakes up from a weeks-long coma to find out his best friend's been animating his body like a life-sized Ken doll, and his first decision, to get them home to reunite her with the person she really loves. Aww.

And I love how implicitly he trusts her, he *knows* she never meant to do it. It was an accident. He never even doubts it.

And to top that off, his assumption that it was Jo and Tinya getting married *finally* got those two idiots to stop angsting and tie the damn knot. :-) *Finally*.

Bitch maybe, but the guy gets results!


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