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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Random Ridiculous Realization #4

The other night, I was talking to Ragnell and she mentioned that Kilowog probably thought humans were cute little animals. Especially when asleep.

This lead my brain to think of kittens. Because kittens are cute. So if they were kittens, Guy would be the evil, pouncing kitten, John would be the calm dignified kitten, Hal would be the impetuous one that keeps falling over and bumping into walls and such, and Kyle would be the blindingly cute runt of the litter. And he'd be just like that little kitten in the cartoon.

You know, the cartoon where the bulldog comes across an obscenely cute kitten, growls at it a lot, and it just obliviously mews up at him adoringly. Then climbs up on him to go to sleep... This leads to much cuteness, the dog is hiding the kitten from the owners, while the kitten keeps wandering into danger. Completely oblivious. Yeah. Like Kyle. Anyway, the cartoon culminates in the kitty almost getting made into cookies. The bulldog is very sad, but the kitten turns out okay, and it all ends happily.

Yeah. That kitten=Kyle. I guess that makes the bulldog Kilowog, it's almost in scale to the kittens/humans, and it even rhymes. :-)

My brain is a weeeird place.



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