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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am pleased! Interview with Didio!

This interview reassures me in many ways particularly: (I don't believe these count as spoilers, but the paranoid may wish not to read)

"ZN.- Now are you consciously laying down foundations for something long-lasting? Are you creating a “guide book” for the authors to come regarding what can and cannot be done or on the contrary do you believe that recreation always form part of the superheroes cycle.

DD.- The greater the story the greater the chance it has for long term ramifications, it is my hope that with INFINITE CRISIS we create the basis for the DC Universe for the foreseeable future. It is also my hope that we create a greater cohesiveness to the universe so that it truly feels like one whole universe.

ZN.- Are you going to return to the Multiverse?

DD.- Did I mention how I like the feel of one whole universe?"


"ZN.- Does Guy Gardner deserve his own series or will GL Corps be his only piece of the DCU. Any projects for Kyle Ryner?

DD.- Guy will be an important part of the new GREEN LANTERN CORPS series planned and you will be able to catch Kyle in that book and in the new ION series."

I find this fantastic news! No multiverse (though I do enjoy nifty oneshot-short storylines like the CSA) and Guy and Kyle will BOTH be in GL:C.

This makes me a very happy fangirl indeed.

The interview has other bits other fans might find interesting. Personally I think I'm starting to like Mr. Didio, even if I'm frustrated at not knowing who's behind the masks. (For example I might occasionally buy nifty looking comics, but I'd only *subscribe* to ones that involve my very favorite characters.)

But yes, Guy and Kyle in GL:C, one whole, cohesive universe. Yay.


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