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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Non-Comic, Personal Update

I hate Summer lethargy. I am completely without a blog post (again) and also am frantically checking my school website for my grades, so my brain is even less engaged than usual.

I did finally get around to beating Neverwinter Nights (or at least the official campaigns) so I did get something done. Nothing worthwhile, but well, there's that. :-)

My job is awesome. A bit different from last year's job, but still fun! It's weird being in my old childhood hometown too. Mostly the hills. I spent the last eleven years (minus the one I spent studying in Japan) in glacier-bait lower peninsula Michigan, most of which has never even HEARD the word "hill." In Utica however, everything's just slightly inclining or declining, and when I look out to the horizon, I'm reminded of when I was four years old and quite certain that the world was very small and bowl-shaped.

I also was convinced that the school loud-speaker was a magic box and the distant street-light I could see from my bedroom window was a "funny-looking moon." I was a weird kid.

Anyway, it's kind of neat. I've also discovered that people in upstate New York are on average much safer and saner drivers than in Michigan. I don't risk my life when I drive on the highways here. On the other hand, people in New York don't seem to comprehend "speed limits." Wearing a seat-belt, THAT's a law. If you break it, you get pulled over. Speed limits though are suggestions.

So yeah, it's neat. Weird, but neat. I'm enjoying myself. :-)


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