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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not A Comics Post

You ever have one of those moments where you find yourself looking up and thinking "You know what? I'm pretty awesome!"?

I mean, usually, I'm more than a little prone to neurotic anxiety, so those kind of moments don't come often.

It's just that, today, for no real reason what-so-ever, I feel like I am awesome. I'm awesome. You're awesome. Everyone's awesome!

...I'd suspect that I was drugged, but really, I suspect it's just a pre-holiday high. No more finals. Actually getting sleep. Finding the book I needed. Having inflicted horrible TV on Ragnell in exchange for reading one of her weird Howard stories (for the record, my Howard protagonist of choice has always been Cormac Mac Art).

I'm at my parents' new house, eating good food, watching too much tv and getting gnawed on by their new puppy. (It's pretty much a walking dust mop. Thanks to it, my mother's labrador spends most of his time in a state of bemused confusion. It's all pretty amusing.)

You might notice that I haven't actually written a blog post for today, but that's okay because we're all awesome and we ought to take a moment to collectively enjoy our awesomeness!


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