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Monday, March 03, 2008

Dresden Comic Preview!

Newsarama's got a few preview pages from the first Dresden Files comic up here.

My first reaction is "thank god, it's not like Anita Blake". I really didn't think it would be but once bitten, twice shy. Yeek.

I think I like it. So far anyway. Murphy (I presume the blonde is Murphy) is a bit angular for my taste, but I like her facial expressions. I also like the clothes and the way she's hunched in the trenchcoat (and also that the trenchcoat is over her hair like that). Harry (I'm presuming the scruffy disheveled guy is Harry :-)) looks good too. I'm not really getting the impression of height though, but that might just be the angle. (I like tall men. :-))

The balding redhead looks very odd to me though. There's something very strange about the manner in which he's bald. It looks more like a shaved monk's tonsure than natural hair growth (or lack thereof) to me. I'm not sure I like the cover though, the hair's awfully shaggy and he looks way too young. Hmph.

I like complaining and am never truly satisfied. :-)

So far though, I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to it. And now that I know the art is not remarkably hideous like certain other Dabel productions, I'm practically counting the days. It looks pretty neat.


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