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Monday, May 08, 2006

Random Ridiculous Realization: Who the Heck Knows?

As I am kindred spirits at heart with the Shark, I've always contemplated how the brains of the Green Lanterns would taste.

In fact, I think altogether, they'd make quite a lovely meal.

See, Kyle's brain would be the appetizer. A nice caesar salad I think, lots of leafy greens. No real substance, but good for whetting the appetite. No tomatoes though, he's not quite smart enough for tomatoes. Maybe when he stops answering to "Kyle" in costume or transforming in coffee shops.

John of course would be the entree, being the smartest of the Lanterns. A nice T-Bone steak. Rich and well-done, no steak sauce because a *good* steak needs no sauce. In conjunction, as second smartest, if unconventionally so, Guy Gardner would be the potato dish. Something substantial if a bit exotically spiced. As he is crazy.

Alan being old and classy and somewhat senile would be a nice red wine.

And Hal would be the sweet, tooth-rotting dessert.

...damnit. Now I'm hungry.


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