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Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Celebration of Guy Gardner through Scans:

James Meeley posted this which has inspired me to post this loving tribute to Guy Gardner. :-) Because I can, and because I have nothing better to do at work, with an actual internet connection (for once!)

And to punish him because he said mean things about Guy. :-P (And because how better to celebrate Guy being contrary and obnoxious than by being equally so myself! So I'm celebrating his *nice* moments! Mwahaha.)

I've blogged about my love for Guy Gardner before, and this time, I'm gonna include pictures. :-)

Admittedly, there are only two people who really get to glimpse more of Guy than is immediately apparent. Ice, who is sadly dead, and Kyle Rayner. As I have access to more scans of the latter than the former, I'm going to stick with those, maybe one of these days I'll do a sequel post for Ice.


Exhibit A: Guy Gardner apologizing...sorta... (JLA #40)

"You gotta stop taking me so seriously." From Guy, that counts as an apology.


Exhibit B: Guy Gardner expressing concern: (Guy Gardner/Warrior #28)

"No, you don't need to go through this twice." (It's a full page, so it's linked)


Exhibit C: Guy Gardner accepting teasing: (Green Lantern #82)

Guy can take as well as dish out


Exhibit D: Guy closing ranks against Roy: (Green Lantern #128)

"Sounds ta me like yer ego is bruised..."


Exhibit E: Post-Traumatic Comfort, Guy Gardner style: (Green Lantern #131)

"Makes you forget that a buncha robots just tried to turn your can into a microwave, huh?!"

See! Deep down under that asshole exterior, Guy's actually a decent guy! Well. As long as you're Kyle or Tora. (A.k.a, much younger, cute, sweet-tempered, and not a threat/rival for a position/reputation, and either a serious love interest or surrogate little brother/student...basically, you have to be Kyle or Tora) Otherwise, he's pretty much an asshole all the way through. :-P

He's still great though. :-)

(Edited to give James his proper blame. :-P)


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