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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Personal Challenge Update

Thank you for the recommendations! You guys are awesome!

As an update: I have made it to book 26 of the Xanth series so far. It's strange, there are series that I like a lot more that I run out of stamina on by the last book and need a break from. But Xanth...I feel like I can go for as long as it takes.

It's just really easy to zip through and then pick up the next one. I'm not going to say I love every book, but I actually think the percentage of books I like vs. books that kind of bored me have stayed steady throughout. (Though I have to admit, his handling of certain social issues is a bit off-putting sometimes.)

(For anyone familiar with the series, if you're curious, the characters I like best are probably King Dor, Grey Murphy, and Forrest Faun. Though I have a soft spot for Justin Tree, Mela Merwoman, Breanna of the Black Wave, and Grundy Golem. I'd imagine this is actually fairly predictable given my tastes. :-P

The only characters that tend to outright annoy me are: Jordan, Threnody, Nimby and Chlorine. Though I could do with seeing a little less of the Mundane folk in general - I don't count Grey or Breanna in that list. It's nice to see they're not all stereotypes, but they're starting to outnumber the actual Xanth characters! Yeesh!)

I'm going to be weirdly sad to reach the most recent book.


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