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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Head Hurts With Glorious Pain

I'm sorry, I was going to have a post today, but I got distracted by a soap opera marathon that contained two exchanges that completely shoved all coherent thought out of my head:

1. Two lawyers discussing a client of theirs who had just been sued for wrongful death (a civil matter): Paraphrased

Lawyer A: "I don't suppose any judges owe you any favors?"

Lawyer B: "Judge Hudson owes me a favor. I'll give him a call and with any luck we can get this matter dismissed before it ever goes to trial."

2. Those same lawyers discussing why Lawyer A can't represent their client in this case.

Lawyer B: "Need I remind you, you defended this same client for a criminal murder trial when you were actually the one who killed him."

Lawyer A: "It was self-defense! He slipped and fell onto my knife!" (Best line of the episode. Second best line of the week after the cow pasture exchange)

Lawyer B: "Be that as it may, any judge would insist that you recuse yourself immediately."


Yep. God I love Soap Operas. I really really do. And this is a goldmine for me, because normally they just totally botch criminal law. It's a rare and wonderful blessing when they start botching MY area of legal procedure.

Especially when the soap takes place in my jurisdiction. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to take place in the Fourth Department, even.

This will be fun. And brain-hurty. I wouldn't expect coherent posts from me for the next month or so. Hee.


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